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    Binance Co-operating with South African Financial Regulators - to cease leveraged trading options

    As Binance constantly evaluates its product and service offerings to comply with local regulations, we will cease offering the following products to South African users: Futures Options Margin Leveraged Tokens With immediate effect, South African users will be restricted from opening new...
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    Bitcoin set to become legal payment in Brazil

    Bitcoin set to become legal payment in Brazil Brazil’s Federal Deputy Aureo Ribeiro has revealed that Brazilians could soon be able to buy houses, cars and even McDonald’s with Bitcoin. “With this asset you will be able to buy a house, a car, go to McDonald’s to buy a hamburger – it will be a...
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    Binance enforces mandatory KYC on all users amid mounting regulatory pressure

    Binance has said it's now requiring all users to complete Intermediate Verification amid mounting compliance pressure from worldwide regulators. All new users now must complete Intermediate Verification to access Binance's services, and for existing users who have not completed the Intermediate...
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    The limits of blockchain scalability

    An excellent article by Vitalik Buterin himself explaining the basics on why more nodes on a blockchain are essential for decentralisation and security, and why we can't just increase block size and reduce block time to get a more efficient network like Elon Musk suggests. The Limits to...
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    New York antibody testing study of 15,000 people shows 12.3 percent of population has had Covid-19

    "Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today (2 May), announced the results of the state's completed antibody testing study, showing 12.3 percent of the population have COVID-19 antibodies. The survey developed a baseline infection rate by testing 15,000 people at grocery...
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    The Economist: Smokers seem less likely than non-smokers to fall ill with covid-19. Backed up by clinical study.

    The Economist news article: Smokers seem less likely than non-smokers to fall ill with covid-19 "A quarter of French adults smoke. Many people were surprised, therefore, when researchers reported late in April that only 5% of 482 covid-19 patients who came to the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital in...
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    Italian scientists have identified the “real” mortality rate from COVID-19 in Italy

    We are being lied to about the real death rates. Italian scientists Gianluca Rinaldi and Matteo Paradisi from the Faculty of Economics of Harvard University conducted a study of the real mortality rate from covid-19. Its results are published by the Medrxiv portal. Background: The coronavirus...
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    School terms resuming for Grade 00 and Preschool and school fees

    So the government has given us tentative dates when school should resume for grade 0 to 12. But what about kids in grade 00 or preschool? They've not given a date for when school resumes, yet parents must keep paying full school fees for 4 months that their child does not attend school?! That...
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    Patients with hypertension who use ACE inhibitors and ARBs are at higher risk for severe COVID-19 infection

    I've seen a lot of talk about this by doctors on social media and it's been mentioned in many articles. Basically, how SARS-CoV-2 enters target cells in the lungs by binding to ACE2 receptors, and the issue that most hypertension drugs increase the amount of ACE2 receptors (upregulate), creating...
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    COVID-19 Mortality Risk statistics based on the first 12551 recorded deaths in Italy

    The report describes characteristics of 12,250 COVID-19 patients who died in Italy. Data are update to April 2nd, 2020 Mean age of patients dying for COVID-2019 infection was 78 (median 80, range 24-100). Median age meaning half of deaths were younger than 80, and half older. Women 31.4% of...
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    Water supply issues in Claremont/Rondebosch, Cape Town?

    I'm on the border of Claremont and Rondebosch near Belvedere Rd. Is anyone else around here having water pressure issues? There isn't even enough water pressure to get hot water from my geysers?
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    Herman Miller Embody ergonomic chair

    I found a pretty sweet deal and I'm looking at buying one of these but I'm worried that a few months down the line I will find something better. Has anybody here used one of these for a while that can give feedback? I was planning on getting the Aeron remastered chair but this has way better...
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    Best VPN for BBC iPlayer and USA streaming serviced (NordVPN sucks)

    Hi guys. Please help me out with some suggestions. I signed up for NordVPN to watch BBC iPlayer, USA Netflix and ESPN+. Unfortunately I only got BBC iPlayer working very briefly after trying about 15 servers. With 80% of servers my 20Meg line speed dropped to under 2Mbps. USA servers are...
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    iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus drop test! Not what most would expect.