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  1. Kosmik

    Azure Boot Camp South Africa 2021

    Haven't seen this posted anywhere, online event, trading place tomorrow.
  2. Kosmik

    Did you know a vaccinated person who has died?

    So, with all the other threads going back and forth and someone stating a claim that you could find a respondent on myBB who knows of at least six vaccinated people whom have passed, I think let's have a poll to look into that. There is already one around knowing folks who have passed but with...
  3. Kosmik

    How do we punish the instigators?

    So, if ringleaders are found , tried and found guilty, how do we deal with them? What message do we, as a nation and society say, to prevent this from ever happening again?
  4. Kosmik

    Dual Sim phones and 2G switch off

    So for general discussion, I've been using a Huawei P Smart for a while now and have the dual sim functionality enabled with a Rain sim in the second slot. This works perfectly as I still get my calls etc. on the primary and can burst into pay as you us with Rain vs being forced to buy bundles...
  5. Kosmik

    Telkom contract suddenly removed.

    Hi folks Just had a weird experiance yesterday evening. My contract and other pre paid numbers are all connected on the Telkom app. Yesterday evening, I was checking the prepaid levels of my family and noticed that the contract had disappeared from my account. All balances, billing...
  6. Kosmik

    Domestic workers and leave pay

    Hi all, Before the lockdown there were a few threads about domestics and the lockdown but everything was quite vague and still uncertain. What are the current opinions/options for the below scenarios: 1. The employer has enforced the lockdown and has allowed the employee to stay away but still...
  7. Kosmik

    Enforced Quarantine/Blockade

    So, anyone watching the news would have seen the huge challenge we are facing with regards to townships non conformity. While not a popular opinion and our history is troubled, should a decision not be made to effectively quarantine / blockade those townships? I don't mean patrols, I'm talking...
  8. Kosmik

    Small Solar setup

    Arb question, hope its in the rightish place as I actually couldn't find a solar segment on the forum but maybe I'll slip a sonoff into the circuit to make it all good. Anyway.... I'm looking at doing a small solar setup in my garden for my external lights. I mentioned in another thread, that...
  9. Kosmik

    Simple load shedding solution with Sonoffs - idea.

    Hi all, Just want to run this by folks before I go ahead with the basic investment. We are lucky in that we get load shed minimally on our grid unless stage 3 or higher ( on the industrial grid ) but I still want to protect my devices if that escalates. Currently, I want to protect the...
  10. Kosmik

    Education spend vs net family income.

    So all the school fee articles are coming out, interesting to see what percentage education accounts for in the ordinary family budget? Mine is around 11% for two children, one in government special needs and the other in private pre-school. Please note I stipulated net income ( after tax ) as...
  11. Kosmik

    Classic User Stories

    We've all had them, you know you've got them stored away. Obviously being careful, lets share a few. Not mine but a great example.
  12. Kosmik

    NUMSA dips into reserves

    Well well well, :ROFL: :ROFL: :laugh: Members can't pay if they don't get paid due to strike yah know. Numsa spokesperson Phakamile Hlubi-Majola says...
  13. Kosmik

    One dead, shootout WestvilleMall (Durban) - 28/11/2019

    Photos and videos came through on whatsapp to various watch groups, article link below.
  14. Kosmik

    ABSA Downtime - 2019/11/12

    Anyone else unable to access banking?
  15. Kosmik

    Durban Earth Tremor - 2019/10/31 @ 13:20? ( 4.3M Quake near Port Shepstone )

    Durbs peeps checking in, first time personally felt such a tremor here, from Hillcrest to Glenwood and surrounds. Others?
  16. Kosmik

    Perfectly cast actors

    Hey hey, its Friday and I had a thought for a fun thread. Busy re-watching The Expanse and it contains one of my favorite characters as well as an actor who does them great justice. Two of my favourites are: Show-Movie: The Expanse Character: Chrisjen Avasarala Actor: Shohreh Aghdashloo Quote...
  17. Kosmik

    Discoverys new Chronic re-order policy

    WTF is up with this? Considering the system only allows you to order your medicine ever so often and only as per your scripts, whats with this stupidity? You can never over receive your medication and whether the order is slightly early or late has NO ACTUAL bearing on the total cost BESIDES...
  18. Kosmik

    Pensions - Government VS Private

    Hi all, So some thing that's been bugging me lately and the recent article about MPs resigning their posts as they wish to stick with the higher pension of a minister VS the downgrade of a normal mp. If I understand it correctly, government pension is paid based on your pay job pay before...
  19. Kosmik

    Telkom false upgrade promises with incorrect device

    Hi folks, Just be aware, one of my data contracts came up for renewal and I received an email which looked like a decent deal, promising a B618 router with all 24 month contracts. Mailed back for the upgrade, got called by the agent and was told the packages only offer the B525. Considering...
  20. Kosmik

    Chewie has died

    The actor who's played the iconic role of Chewbacca in all the star wars films, has died. RIP.