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    Bank EFT clearance times

    How long does it take for EFTs to clear? ABSA to Investec? Payment made 15h00 Friday and Investec to Capitec? TIA
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    Temporary Resignation

    What is Temporary Resignation? The company I work for is currently without any projects and we are a few senior staff sitting around doing nothing. My boss is trying to make a deal with a competitor in another province to employ us temporarily until our company's projects start early to mid...
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    Cape Town Deeds Office

    Could anyone let me know what the current time is for lodging at the Cape Town Deeds Office please? TIA
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    Replacement for P30 Lite

    I just realized my 2 son's P30 Lites are due for upgrades. The 19yr old wants a Samsung & the 14yr old is still undecided. They use their current phones mainly for games and watching YouTube / Anime. Any worthy upgrades that aren't too pricey? Approx. R350 pm per phone. I might hang onto...
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    Vodacom Red 2Gb 400min TopUp

    Anyone know the monthly sub for 24 months on a sim only contract for Vodacom Red 2Gb 400min TopUp package? TIA
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    SARS E-Filing 2020/21

    It's that time of the year again. Any tips? What is it that I hear that I need a new browser to complete my E-filing? Is this true? Filing Season 2021 for Individuals Individual income tax return filing dates 1 July to 23 November 2021: Taxpayers who file online Taxpayers who cannot file...
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    Where to get an all in 1 Credit Check?

    I am looking for a site that could give me my full credit profile. I want all the credit bureaus credit checks in 1. Is this possible? Or do I have to get them individually? ClearScore doesn't list everything. I am willing to pay. When I applied for my 1st homeloan many moons back there was...
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    ABSA Android App not working

    Anyone having problems with their ABSA App on Android? I keep getting an Eror message "Unable to resolve host "" No address associated with hostname."
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    Pool maintenance in winter

    What do I do with my pool in winter? Do I keep maintaining it like in summer? It is a bigger than average pool (10 x 4). Or do I just leave it without chemicals for the winter months and shock treat it is September or October? TIA
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    Parking prices in Cape Town CBD

    What are the current daily, weekly & monthly parking rates in Cape Town CBD? Preferably looking for the cheapest option for a student close to Buitengracht Street. TIA
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    Cape Town Deeds Office

    Does anyone know how long a transfer of property takes currently once all paperwork has been lodged at the deeds office? I've heard horror stories of it taking 5 weeks to 3 months last year. But an attorney told me in Jan 21 a few of their transfers took 3 to 5 working days. Anyone know how...
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    Maximum amount I can EFT from my Capitec Account?

    What is the maximum amount I can EFT from my Capitec Savings account? Do I need special authorization? Do I increase my limit in at a branch? I know with ABSA the maximum is default R50k. I cant seem to see my maximum on the Capitec banking app.
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    Rates Clearance Certificate

    How long does it take for the Rates Clearance Certificate to be issued after payment of the municipalities quotation? This is for the City of Cape Town. TIA
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    Property Transfer to Deeds Registration Time

    Anyone know how long the process is from the transferring attorneys receiving the transfer instruction until registration at the deeds office? There's no bond on the property and all utilities are up to date. The property is in Cape Town. TIA
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    Estate Agent Sole Mandate

    Any property knowledgeables here? My wife signed a sole mandate with an estate agent in July to sell her late mother's house. To date he hasn't marketed the place. She sent him a message yesterday to say she is getting another agent to sell the place, he said he didn't put the date on the...
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    Investment advice for a senior

    My mom is mid 60s and is looking to invest about R200k. She has a pension currently covering her monthly expenses. She wants to earn interest on the invested funds but also have access to it for oversees trips every other year. What type of interest could be earned by leaving the funds in a...
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    Fibre Account Migration to another address

    Goodday, Please explain the process of changing service from 1 address to another. I'm currently with Mind The Speed. There is a ONT installed at the new property. Can I just have the service switched to the new location? TIA.
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    Cancelling a Lease Agreement

    Our current lease agreement states 2 calendar months notice must be given if you want to cancel the lease. We found a property that my wife really likes except the owner wants occupation 1 September. Can we give a weeks notice to cancel our existing lease agreement? What are the consequences...
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    Additional Capitec Savings Account (Add-on)

    How do I open a savings account linked to my main Capitec Account? Do I have to go into a store? Can I activate/apply online? Does this account have a different account number?
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    Outstanding Income Tax and Sale of Property

    Quick question. I have a family member who wants to sell his house but he owes a substantial amount of tax to SARS. The funds owed to SARS are because of dual income for years. He has been taxed individually for both incomes, but the combined income is taxed at a higher tax bracket. Will the...