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  1. We Love Bass

    What is the perfect salary to be happy?

    There are people who are living a decent life with even 10k, someone here spoke about IQ and I would agree, people just see money and create problems for themselves e.g some folks dont even need uncapped internet but they have why...well because everyone has it.
  2. We Love Bass

    ANC builds bench 'stadium' costing R15 million in Eastern Cape

    Aslong as the people are ignorant and uneducated, the ANC wins.
  3. We Love Bass

    Lockdown Alert Level 1 confirmed - size of gatherings significantly increased

    "Take them to level 1, let them vote than take them back to level 3" its a game
  4. We Love Bass

    Behind the scenes in a SuperSport OB truck during a rugby game (before Covid)

    MultiChoice invited MyBroadband to take a tour of one of its outside broadcasting trucks during an international rugby game. I thought they hated each other, anyways do these trucks travel with a security van?
  5. We Love Bass

    Pack your bags and go: Carl Niehaus fired from the ANC

    What is he going to do with his black wife now?
  6. We Love Bass

    MTN warns of "digital load-shedding" if Icasa takes back temporary spectrum prematurely

    No one is blaming the ANC already? you guys on this forum are boring now
  7. We Love Bass

    Standard Bank app downtime

    Mine is working just fine, I guess us millionaires are not affected
  8. We Love Bass

    "Society" must identify weaknesses in witness and whistleblower protections - Ramaphosa

    In South Africa someone has to die first before anything is taken seriously.
  9. We Love Bass

    Telkom eSIM support launched

    il stick to my normal sim card thank u
  10. We Love Bass

    Cape Town man, 66, arrested for allegedly having sex with family dog

    But what if it was consensual? I said what if
  11. We Love Bass

    The Crime Holiday in South Africa is long gone - Cele

    The crime stats are read by a gangster what a time to be alive
  12. We Love Bass

    Samsung will block TVs stolen in looting

    At the end of the day the TV is still GONE it wont come back Samsung is just wasting time, Themba in Soweto has a 65 inch in his shack he doesn't give a damn about Netflix.
  13. We Love Bass

    Samsung will block TVs stolen in looting

    Do you actually think the looters give a damn about the smart features?
  14. We Love Bass

    Samsung will block TVs stolen in looting

    So they can only block smart TV's? only when they connect to the internet,I think this feature is useless.
  15. We Love Bass

    Looters joined Zello to find best spots to target

    So the looters are not that dumb after all
  16. We Love Bass

    Checkers Rush - New checkout-less, queue-less concept store

    Nedbank is even introducing mobile ATMs in UMLAZI, Im starting to think these companies want to get robbed on purpose.