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  1. werfie

    MTN launches eSIM support for iPhones and Samsung phones

    I did it last night. No QR codes or anything.
  2. werfie

    MTN launches eSIM support for iPhones and Samsung phones

    So have spoken to 4 agents, none of them knows what has to happen. So I just simply followed these steps on their website, and everything worked within minutes. At home, didn't have to go into a store or anything. (Apple Watch) Note: Please make sure you’re iPhone’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are...
  3. werfie

    Rain 5G cancellation process tested

    My area got Fibre. And the 5g was really unstable for the type of connection I need.
  4. werfie

    Rain 5G cancellation process tested

    Nope, that process worked relatively well, wasn't billed for anything that I shouldn't have been billed for, but they just never collected their 5G router.
  5. werfie

    Rain 5G cancellation process tested

    I cancelled in May... I am still waiting for them to collect the router. I emailed them this week again.
  6. werfie

    Amazing Giveaway - Win your share of R2,000 with YOCO!

    Wow, that is a really nifty machine for a price of only R799. I like stuff like this, would have definitely had this if I had a small business. I recommend Yoco to all small businesses I interact with who doesn't have a card machine, this is such an easy and affordable option.
  7. werfie

    Show your Smartwatch Face

    I start to hyperventilate if there is anything more on my watch.
  8. werfie

    Show your Smartwatch Face

    Apple Watch series 4 Edit: Oops, only now see this topic is posted in Android. So knock yourselves out knocking the Apple watch faces. :laugh:
  9. werfie

    Supersonic is shockingly toxic!!!!!!!!!

    I can vouch for this.
  10. werfie

    Pastel Partner upgrade to cloud version

    Please be careful when making comparisons, there are numerous Sage 50 and Sage Accounting (formerly Sage One) versions. Pastel Partner is part of the Sage 50 franchise. I believe the above link refers to the UK versions. Here is information from the Sage South Africa Website. It's called Sage...
  11. werfie

    Companies giving rewards for getting vaccinated in South Africa

    I have no objection but it is a bit silly because one group can be verified and one not?
  12. werfie is a fraud

    @Rouxenator on an unrelated note, I have an EliteDesk mini for sale, interested?
  13. werfie

    Dumpster Divers and Messy Sidewalks

    We also had this problem, asked them nicely to clean up after themselves once, haven't had the problem since.
  14. werfie

    Telkom eSIM support launched

    yep, would also like to know. I have a physical sim that I would like to convert to esim.
  15. werfie

    You may soon have to pay a monthly fee to access your car’s features

    I like it. Some expensive features always sound nice when buying a car, then turns out useless. This allows you to try before you buy or cancel if not used.
  16. werfie

    Florauna, Pretoria North - Fibre Signups Please Help.

    Talk to your ISP [emoji846] they will check on the installation
  17. werfie

    Florauna, Pretoria North - Fibre Signups Please Help.

    Been there, I know the struggle, just be patient. It's worth the wait!!! It's actually a little anti-climactic. I don't really think about my internet anymore that much. It is just always there, always working, always fast. The way it should be.