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  1. Lupus

    So much for Eskoms maintenance in 2020

    So Eskom plunged us into load shedding to do maintenance in 2020 for what? 2021 hasn't seen the EAP at 70% at all and in face the ULP hasn't been under 20% this entire year, what a freaking joke.
  2. Lupus

    Fire at Kendal Power station damaging 1 unit and tripping 2 others

    So with Medupi unit 1 down, this one having 3 down and not sure what else is down, we've lost 6GW maybe 8GW of capacity since August 3rd. The only saving grace is we're going into Spring where demand hovers around 29Gw and weekends it can go to 27GW. Anymore units lost will cause load shedding...
  3. Lupus

    Refilling a pool Joburg.

    Hi guys, Any of you guys in Johannesburg recently done this? I'm looking at sorting out my lining as after 30 years this pool is looking horrid and I would need to get it sorted. It also doesn't help the CYA is 150 :-( Cheers.
  4. Lupus

    City Power the most expensive in the country Seems city power has won the most expensive in the country thanks to all the other things on top of the actual tariff.
  5. Lupus

    Slow speeds Vumatel Johannesburg

    Seems there is a problem with Vumatel and slow speeds around Johannesburg, I'm getting 1mb/s on 100. It's like being back in 2010, problem is the internet isn't designed around 2010 anymore.
  6. Lupus

    Rand pummelled after Moody’s review So this doesn't help us, let's drop it again but say hey we will list you as stable if you show growth. During a pandemic???
  7. Lupus

    Cheap Android phones.

    I decided to get my nieces two phones as theirs were gone over the years and I've noticed that since we got them two phones two years ago, the budget market hasn't really moved on. You're still only getting quad core mediatek chips, 512MB to 1GB of RAM and maybe 8gig to 16gig roms from the R600...
  8. Lupus

    Woolworths pulls bag with apologies...

    So it seems that any hint of the old flag colours must be removed? I mean you can clearly see the bag is white,orange,white,blue but because it's got orange,white and blue it must be associated with the old flag...
  9. Lupus

    [you can't sell a contracted phone. It does not belong to you but to the SP]

    Btw you can't sell a contracted phone. It does not belong to you but to the SP.