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  1. ABCpt

    DSTV Drifta mobile getting switched off

    So, haven't seen another thread about this, but the expected has happened. DSTV emailed to let me know that they will be switching off the DSTV Drifta transmitters end of October. Haven't used it much lately, but was useful to keep tabs on the scores while not at home.
  2. ABCpt

    Car registration

    So, I have a theoretical question. Lets say I stay in Gauteng, but need to work in Cape Town for a couple of months. While I'm in Cape Town I buy a new car. Can I register the car in Cape Town, on my Gauteng address, or does it need to be done in Gauteng?
  3. ABCpt

    How to get Scam website shut down

    About 2 years ago, we purchased an item from and it was delivered a while later without too much hassle. Last month we needed another duvet cover and they were the only local company with stock and compared to prices overseas not that much more expensive, so we...
  4. ABCpt

    Karoo to Coast

    Any one else doing the Karoo to Coast on the 21 September?
  5. ABCpt

    DVD/Music/Book catalog

    There are several Android apps where you can scan the barcode of a DVD, cd/book and it then finds the books details and stores it in a catalog. It seems to not find a lot of the SA dvd's though. Is there a PC app which can either scan the barcodes using the webcam, or use a list that I scanned...
  6. ABCpt

    Try this Top Gear!

    Now this is what a double loop should look like.
  7. ABCpt

    Samsung B7330 and GPS

    Well, I made the mistake last week of getting a Samsung B7330. All in all not abad phone, but Samsung does not include any sofware for the GPS. After enquiring about this I was told I can purchase the software for R599. :mad: With Nokia advertising that their phones come with free navigation...