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  1. lord_spaceman

    Afristay Giveaway - Win a weekend away and R1,000 spending money

    Lakeview Villa - Misty Peaks
  2. lord_spaceman

    Blizzard Gaming Group For South Africans

    Hey guys, Come join the South African Blizzard Gamers group on Battle.Net: For PC gamers looking to meet other SA players as well as get some groups going for Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, StarCraft, StarCraft2, Diablo 3, Hearthstone, Destiny or WoW.
  3. lord_spaceman

    Just Developed and Published My First Android App

    A few days ago I successfully launched my first, native, fully hand-coded Android app on the Google Play Store.:) It's called tipBru and it's a small free app that alleviates the need for a calculator when out dining. The lightweight app can quickly calculate the tip on a bill and comes with 3...
  4. lord_spaceman

    Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: Lower pings and finding faster games

    For those interested, I wrote a guide on how to connect to better quality local matches and receive lower pings across the board for the PC/Steam version of CoD:AW: It requires a bit of .cfg tweaking, but well worth...
  5. lord_spaceman

    Music Blog. BANGAZ!

    Hey there Got a new music blog up called BANGAZ! - Site is dedicated to electro, dance, dubstep, trap etc. Check it out and let me know what you guys think :)
  6. lord_spaceman

    FlashMoto Help

    Hi there Can any FlashMoto CMS developers help me out? I'm struggling to pin the menu placement. Basically I need the menu to appear at the top of the site and stay pinned there even if I make the website go fullscreen. Any help would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks
  7. lord_spaceman

    Umicon - Durban's first anime convention! Anyone from here going this Saturday? Here is some info: The event is being held over the weekend of December 13th and 14th 2008. SATURDAY 13th from 9am to 7pm and SUNDAY 14th from 9am to 5pm...