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  1. werfie

    Fibre Router

    Hi Guys, Fibre noob here. MetroFibre is finishing up the network rollout in my area and I have preordered with WebAfrica. Quick question: Do you get a specific Fibre router (like ADSL/LTE router) or is it a normal WiFi router? I am not happy with the WA free router, would like to get...
  2. werfie

    Cloudfare Attention Required Message

    This morning I keep on getting a page from Cloudfare every time I try to access certain websites. I have to then verify that I'm human. Why does this keep on popping up? For some sites it doesn't...
  3. werfie

    External AVR on Generator?

    Have a 5.5kva Petrol Generator. Want to run electronics off it (wired into DB board with changeover switch). TV's, Xbox, Dstv, Laptops, Routers, Home theatres, etc I doesn't have AVR built in. Can I add an AVR on the line to keep my delicates safe? Any other suggestions bar spending...
  4. werfie Legit?

    Saw something I want to buy on here, not finding a lot of reviews (the few I could find is good). Any experience?
  5. werfie

    Rain 5G in Pretoria North?

    Anyone get this, hows the speeds?
  6. werfie

    Telkom conundrum - Advice?

    I currently have a 10mbps ADSL line through Telkom directly. I have been contacted by Rain and offered their 5G service (uncapped, unshaped @ R1000 pm). I have been looking at other option for faster speeds and given Telkom's ADSL decommissioning exercise. (I don't have Fibre available)...
  7. werfie

    Anyone have a senior contact at Incredible Connection (JD Group)?

    So I ordered something on black Friday from IC's online store. Haven't received anything yet and the order tracking is a complete nonsensical mess (See below). I have spoken to the rep on Facebook, emailed the address given to me by them after they couldn't do anything, I have spoken to the...
  8. werfie

    Router Battery Backup

    Anyone using anyone of these two to backup ADSL router during power outages? If so, any feedback or other relatively cheap solutions? OR...
  9. werfie

    Telkom Line Speed

    Hi Guys, So I am entangled in a fight with Telkom at the moment. I need to give some background... I got my ADSL line in 2014. It was a 10mbps line at the time through Afrihost. I remember having to fight for two months with all sorts of excuses from Telkom before they eventually installed...
  10. werfie

    Samsung ADH

    :cry::cry: So I received a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ as a gift from a friend. He got it as an upgrade on a Vodacom contract and didn't want the phone, so I am using it with my Telkom sim. An accident at work (through no fault of my own :mad::mad:) have now caused a blotch of messed up...
  11. werfie


    Banting Recipes So I know there are banting threads, but I can't find any recipe threads with substance, so I am going to be that guy and start a new thread with the hopes of getting a nice arsenal. I have started banting, but the recipes in the book is... well excessive. I am not someone...
  12. werfie

    ANOTHER advice request

    Somehow I never get my questions answered by searching through previous threads... Long Version: I started studying Diploma in IT through UNISA as I didn't have any previous qualifications and wanted to just get something behind my name. Have been working for a big software company for...
  13. werfie


    So I have read about Telkom's inability to help their customers lately. Sadly, I have been hit as well... early in Feb I was contacted by a Sales agent about Telkom Simple. So I considered everything and I signed up for the Telkom Simple deal with 4meg line and 20gb data (plus router and mobile...
  14. werfie

    Generator Advice

    So with the mass Eskom hysteria raging around us, we invested in a generator in December. A 5.5 Petrol, Grip is the brand. I have tested the generator and it pulls my inside/outside lights, alarm system, 3 fridges, 3 fans, cellphone chargers, 2 laptops & monitor, ADSL router, 2 Tv's and 2...
  15. werfie

    Mecer Tablet

    Anyone have any experience with Mecer tablets? I need a tablet to read my PDF books on while I study. So it needs to be 10" and one subject is android Apps, so it needs to be an Android tab. I am not too phased about 3G. Always have my phone with me to create a hotspot need be, for the rest of...
  16. werfie

    ADSL Speed Difference

    I have a 10mbps line. I was struggling to get speeds more than 1 mbps until tekom fixed a line fault. What I noticed though was that after the line was fixed, I started getting 8mpbs+ results on speed test websites, but my browsing speed stayed more or less the same. Also when I download a...
  17. werfie


    As mentioned in another thread, I just phoned Telkom (10210), told them their website said my product is now 2mbps, but my router still syncs at 1mbps. The helpful lady said I must hang on while she checks, she told me 2mbps is available and asked me to restart my router, IT WORKED!!! Now...
  18. werfie


    Ok, so for the last couple of months, I've been on a tirade against spam I receive. Is has been quite a war, but slowly but surely everything is subsiding, from adding myself to the National Opt Out DB, to threats, to public name and shame, hissy-fits the works, I think I'm winning and the spam...
  19. werfie

    INFO - 2005 BMW X3 2.0d

    I am looking at buying a 2005 BMW X3 2.0d, car is in great condition, still in motorplan (although just) with about 75000km on the clock for about 150k. I really like the car, but two things: 1. Is there anything I should look out for that may have been a consistent problem on these cars...
  20. werfie

    Vodacom Contract Migration

    Hi there... to the VC guys: I currently have a Weekender package with BIS. My upgrade is only due next year Sept, but I would like to change the tariff package now. If I want to migrate to a BB Talk 100 (anytime) package - saw it was R349pm - will there be any penalties/fees to do so and will it...