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    Sorry anti vaxxer... (Just go get the jab!)
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    Apple introduces new polishing cloth for all devices, sold separately for $19
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    Apple says Android has up to 47x more malware than iPhone in continued pushback against sideloading
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    Tim Cook says employees who leak memos do not belong at Apple, according to leaked memo
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    The OnePlus 10 will run merged ColorOS and OxygenOS; no 9T this year
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    Alphabet’s Project Taara laser tech beamed 700TB of data across nearly 5km
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    iPhone 13 Pro finally adopts 120Hz; here are the Android phones that beat Apple to the punch
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    KFC Bets Americans Want Faux Fried Chicken
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    Indian Bar Association sues WHO scientist over Ivermectin
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    How an ad from Microsoft broke the Windows 11 Start menu and Taskbar
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    Vaccines prevented 143,600 hospital admissions, says Public Health England
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    So how do I actually get the Pfizer Covid vaccine without waiting two hours +?

    Don't have a car. Registered on the government website but so far haven't received any follow up. Registered on Clicks but I guess they don't do vaccinations on a weekend even though I could register. Left after 15 minutes. Now all the weekday bookings are mostly filled up for the month (not...
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    Jacob Zuma ‘asking public for cash donations’ to fight his legal battles
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    How I experience the web today This is spot on.
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    Cloudflare thwarts 17.2M rps DDoS attack — the largest ever reported
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    Netflix Intensifies ‘VPN Ban’ and Targets Residential IP-addresses Too (Updated)
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    Scientists rename human genes to stop Microsoft Excel from misreading them as dates
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    AMD Revenues Doubled in the Previous Quarter
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    Microsoft's incomplete PrintNightmare patch fails to fix vulnerability
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    Carl Pei has ‘Nothing’ planned for purchased Essential brand; earbuds will be $99 w/ ANC