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    I think I just nailed a good chicken soup recipe.

    Let me tell you ... it's addictively delicious. I'm drinking the soup like I do brandy and coke .... in copious quantities. I think the key is a good mirepoix. I must confess I have until recently not been a huge fan of celery. It has just too sharp and pungent of a taste ... but if properly...
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    Pastel (Pervasive) Error 16 - Networking error

    Hi, at work I've got 2 PC's that run Pastel. One taps into the other one via a mapped network drive. The "server" works fine. The network connection between the two is fine. I can access all the files through the network drive. The remote one has perfect access to all other resources on the...
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    How long does it take to sell SATRIX shares.

    How long does it take to sell your some Satrix shares and receive the money in your normal bank account? I have a registered online account and I know about the selling function. I would just like to know how long I can expect to wait for the cash in my bank account.
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    Quade Cooper denied Australian citizenship despite representing the country 70 times. This is a ****ing joke. I can understand why Australia is very strict regarding the influx of everything from alien plants and animals to foreigners ... but FFS this is someone who hasn't just...
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    Is a pre-qualification for a bank loan a common thing?

    I planning to buy my first house and I've been advised to get a pre-qualification through a bank originator. Is this quite common?
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    How much would charge someone to format a PC and installing Windows 10 and Office 2016?

    As per title. Software was provided ... all legal. Just the labour.
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    Is steam also down/veeeery slow for you?

    I purchased a game, started the download had one spurt of about 50MB and then it stopped. My normal Internet is running optimally but Steam is unusable. I've done everything suggested on the internet to try and "fix" and optimise Steam but to no avail.
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    Say you had a R180 000 budget for a car.

    I need to buy a car and the most I want to spend is R180 000. I have a hefty deposit to place. I almost made the mistake of buying an old Ford Ecosport with 3 cylinders and too many kms on the clock. At the moment I'm a but stumped because I'm not sure what I want or with which type of car I...
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    Planning to buy an 2015 Ford Ecosport 1 litre 3 cylinders Ecoboost - Titanium.

    with 140 000km for R170 000 (subtract R5). It's in mint condition. Really it is. Not a fleck of paint missing anywhere and on the inside it looks like a new car. The advertising price was R169 995. A mechanical warranty is on offer. I started with a 2 warranty included but they didn't want to...
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    Another ignorant question

    My parents for yonks have been using a *** email account on their home PC through windows live mail. I've formatted the PC and instead of having them limited to one local PC to access all their emails … is it possible to access their emails through Telkom's webmail service with...
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    Rib-eye steak

    I don't think I'll ever decide to eat any cut of beef other than rib-eye steak. If ever I'm short on money, I'll eat pork or chicken but if I ever again feel the need to eat beef … I'll clench-up and buy rib-eye. Yes rump is also good ... as is fillet … but it feels like rib-eye is a cross...
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    Can emails (.pst file) from Office 365 be migrated back to Office 2016?

    From Outlook 365 back to Outlook 2016? As per title. I presume so, because it seems to be just a .pst file but I want some confirmation.
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    Does someone have a subscription to the I'm looking for some information I suspect might...
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    Is Telkom's 10210 down?

    Or is just me? Don't they like me? I think Telkom hates me. Anyway, long story short. My monthly debit order is a R100 less than it should be to cover my account. My debit order was actually fine till about 2/3 years ago when I upgraded but my debit order amount was never increased also. This...
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    Gangs deliver food in poor Cape Town area amid lockdown The first thought (naïve and cynical maybe) that one might have is to think that this is very weird behaviour from gangsters. Aren't they suppose to be all...
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    Easyfile error … help please.

    Can someone please help me to solve this problem? Our finance office lady has this popping up when she has to do an update.
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    How long can a bottle of JC le Roux sparkling wine last in storage?

    As per title. I again discovered a bottle of booze in a spare room closet. The bottle must be at least 5 - 6 years old. Do you think it's still fit for human consumption? EDIT: I really think this will be the last bottle of alcohol that I will discover in my house. The previous bottle I...
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    How can change Telkom internet access password? *EDITED*

    I've forgotten my routers login username and password, so I'll have to reset the thing but I can't remember my internet access password. I can't phone 10210 because they only deal with serious faults. When the Telkom rep heard what my issue was, she just hung up. And I've tried the Telkom...
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    I can't really do any freestyle dancing…

    nor any other style in a respectable way… … but there are few songs that can "jump-start" me into a form of loose dancing than this track. Yes, I know it's oldish. And the lead guy has a spitting resemblance to Daniel Ricciardo.
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    Telkom ISP speeds over weekends and during school holidays

    What has your experiences been on Internet speeds during weekends and school holidays … and now with the whole country's kids confined to their homes because of the coronavirus … will this have an effect on Internet speeds?