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    Unarmed Man Is Charged With Wounding Bystanders Shot by Police Near Times Square
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    People of colour welcome in Orania, if willing to assimilate
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    [OPINION] How seriously should we take the idea that the ANC might axe Ramaphosa shortly after the elections?
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    Japanese F-35 fighter goes missing over the Pacific
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    Zimbabwean farmers claim billions in damages from SA government
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    Mbalula says ANC list 'open to changes' as IEC rejects objections
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    Suspected rhino poacher killed by an elephant then eaten by lions in South Africa
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    Saudi Arabia cites UN job application as evidence against rights activist Loujain al-Hathloul Saudi Arabia cites UN job application as evidence against rights activist Loujain al-Hathloul
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    Allegedly suicidal pilot crashes into Botswana clubhouse in attempt to kill wife and friends
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    Italian driver hijacks and torches school bus full of children
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    Weird issue browsing via lte during load shedding.

    I can browse mybb, iol etc but no international sites, wtf? This is on telkom mobile btw.
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    World of Warcraft uses DirectX 12 running on Windows 7
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    Cannot see thread in forum?

    This is not the first time I have encountered this. Here you see the latest active topic in News and Current Affairs listed and you can click on the link which works, Yet when you go to the forum the thread is nowhere to be found,
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    No likely survivors in cargo jet crash in Texas, sheriff says
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    Antonov An-225: World's biggest unfinished airplane lies hidden in warehouse
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    Easy poached eggs

    Bowl of cold water Teaspoon of salt Crack the eggs into the cold water. Place in microwave and nuke at 100% power for 4-5 minutes. Play around with the timing to get the desired result. If the whites dissolve in the water then your eggs are not fresh enough. Serve on toast with tomato slices...
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    PSA wrt to Russians!

    Ok they're awesome people but hells bells you simply cannot keep up with them! I'm gonna be useless tomorrow. nas ne dogonyat :laugh:
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    Johan Stemmet ends 'Noot' tenure on high note
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    UK objects to description of Gibraltar as 'British colony' in EU law Weird how many other EU countries have foreign territories and nobody is is insisting on them being called colonies... Could Spain please elaborate on Ceuta, Melilla & Canary Islands for example...