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    US conducted secret surveillance of Huawei - Report

    “It’s cool if we do it Bro’s” 0_o
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    Telkom launches “best mobile data deal” in South Africa

    Been on this deal , albeit, at the regular R600 pm for over a year now. It’s hands down, the best mobile deal. Plus now add data and talk time roll-over, and it’s untouchable. I try my best to abuse it, and for 3-4 hours in traffic per day, the kids tether their iPads to it, Power goes out, and...
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    The new features coming to WhatsApp

    Gimmicks or “features”?
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    Breaking up tech firms might be a mistake - Instagram founders

    All your freedoms are belong to us!
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    Samsung Galaxy S10 face unlock fooled by 2D pictures

    Have a million up's for this, bwahahahahaha !!!
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    Crime is killing infrastructure projects in South Africa

    Aaaaaaand this is why SA can't have nice things...
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    Updating Windows 10 Home is confusing - Research

    "suggesting Microsoft still has progress to make in improving its user experience. " Nope, nothing wrong with MS. Home users are just mostly ignorant to the fact that you need a decent uncapped as possible internet connection. Decent hardware also helps of course.
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    Tencent share price surges as recovery continues

    This happens with Crypto and everyone loses their minds. This happens in the stock market, and everyone is "Mmm, interesting!"
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    LEGO takes on Samsung with its own foldable device

    The screen protector will be a MOTHER to apply
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    The best way to keep your passwords safe - LastPass vs Google vs 1Password

    Axcrypt? Been using it for years. One of the best out there.
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    The impact of Netflix on movie theatres in South Africa

    The experience of watching a movie in a cinema on a big screen with premium quality sound completely overshadows owning or viewing a film on a laptop, mobile, or TV screen,” said Burrows. Erm, not the cinemas down here where I live. Terrible sound - more noise than anything, bleeding my ears...
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    Eskom workers go on strike

    Was just going to say this.. So actually a normal day at work for these cretins
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    Why Africa needs GMO crops

    LazyLion I am NOT arguing against genetic modification. It’s the lack of long sight around the additional practices around that seed in the ground , that I have issue with
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    Why Africa needs GMO crops

    So you are saying that over fertilizing with high levels of Nitrogen has absolutely zero effect on soil fertile longevity? Just wow
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    Why Africa needs GMO crops

    Also google Monsanto bully tactics etc
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    Why Africa needs GMO crops
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    Why Africa needs GMO crops

    The farmers go nuts and over fertilize the ground with Nitrogen. That bad for ground. Bad ground bad for any future crops. GMO or Non-GM. NonGM farmers are threatened and shut down due to their nongm crops also having gm crops due to wind. There is a LOT more happening than just putting a GM...
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    Why Africa needs GMO crops

    ^ This