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    Do you play games on your smartphone?

    Pokemon Go Clash Royale Brawl Stars
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    Interbank EFT

    Reserve Bank uses the SAMOS system to clear interbank transactions. It's their own system and the only settlement system in the country. Clearing is done by either Visa, Mastercard or Bankserv for normal banking and Strate for equities. Clearing house will depend on the bank. As mentioned the...
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    Sorry about the kak situation. I took a voluntary separation last year after waiting and knowing it was coming for about a year. We were given 2 weeks pay per completed year. Double notice period as well as 13th cheque and incentive bonus as our separation. All was tax free under a tax...
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    Protection Pro

    Has anyone used this and has the misfortune of testing its protective qualities? Thinking of using it for my devices
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    Looking for these shoes

    Yip same one. I have 2 black with white and 1 blue with white. Most comfy slipper I have ever owned. And looks decent with shorts to wear to the shop. Has that "common" feel to it as you put it, like Chuck Taylors or Sebagos.
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    Looking for these shoes

    Adidas Adilette Nothing else I've got 3 pairs in circulation. One is about 8 years old. Other 2 about 5 years old. All still looking good and comfy. And dont look like a cake in public if they leave the house
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    SAICA Articles

    Probably only the smaller firms. Unfortunately, and even though it shouldn't be so, you will be at a disadvantage in the job market if you don't do articles at one of the Big 4. Many job listings list Big 4 articles as a requirement, especially bigger companies. It should be that a CA is a CA...
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    157 aboard Ethiopian Airlines flight to Nairobi involved in fatal crash

    As a rule I dont fly Kulula due to their frequent flight delays. Now there is another reason to avoid them if they have potentially dodgy planes incoming.
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    FNB launches support for Samsung Pay

    Anyone got any info on when investec will be added. Was meant to be first quarter
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    New(ish) and future parents tips/tricks thread

    My son is now nearly 3. Some learnings to share: - Do your best to not let them sleep in your bed. It will be a mission to get them out when older. - When you see diapers on special stock pile them. Same goes for wipes. You can never have too many of these, and you can always change them if...
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    Cost to respray entire vehicle

    I paid R10k cash to a good panelbeater in 2009 to do a full respray on my VW Fox. Had lots of rust and it had some modifications done to it. My friend had a full respray done last year on a Golf 6 GTI. Also a reputablt panelbeater. R25k cash paid.
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    Annual Company Bonuses

    Been in my current job for 5 months. Got a little more than my monthly salary as a consolation bonus
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    Departmental Teacher Position Advice

    The Govenment Gazette should be available to the public at any Municipal Office. Not sure where that is for you.
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    Advice on lowering my car

    New shape Polo on air suspension. Looks broken.
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    Bad Beer from a Big Batch

    Keep the bottle and contact the number on the back of the bottle. They will arrange someone from the closest brewery to come out and collect or ask you to take it back to where you bought it. Probably the rest of the 6 pack if possible. They take quality issues really seriously so will want to...
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    New Suzuki Jimny (Jeep thingies Part II)

    Durban. But visited 2 dealers in Jhb and has called most around the country. Last year the lead time was like 3 months. Now that global demand has peaked dealers are all quoting 1 year. And Suzuki SA is controlling the waiting list so he cant even grease a dealers palm to try bump him up the list.
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    New Suzuki Jimny (Jeep thingies Part II)

    A close friend just put his name down for one. Nothing less than a 1 year waiting list no matter where he tried.
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    Modern Food Fussiness

    Its because they moved to Jhb. I kid. But really not. All the people I know who have moved to Jhb think they fancy. I see the same in general when I'm there for business trips. Very much an ego thing. I have my preferences but will eat eat pretty much anything that is offered to me (except...
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    How long does it take you to get to work/varsity?

    9km trip to work. 10 min in the morning. 15 min in the afternoon. This includes creche drop off and pickup at school which is near home.
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    Most expensive thing you own?

    Phone and laptop. Bought at R10k each. Market value lower now. Probably also TV's at home and my wifes wedding rings.