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    Zimbabwe, Russia finalise deal for R55bn platinum mine

    This model of partially using state parastatels to enrich totalitarian regimes was born and made in China. Now every 2nd arsehole government is catching onto this idea. I see most countries in the future going this way. It is better than a total communist mess, but the people have little to no...
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    New political party in South Africa - South African Capitalist party

    Quite frankly all authoritarian socialist governments did this, the idea quickly gets hijacked by fanatics. A revolution is always won by the most organized and not most righteous, whatever their cause.
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    £80m of British taxpayers' money 'funnelled to al-Qaeda' in decades-long scam

    If true, is this a true-cut case for Treason ?
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    Floyd Shivambu's brother looted VBS Mutual Bank - Full List

    The sad part is that many of the small villages in Limpopo invested their annual stokvel money into VBS bank. These are the poorest villages who club together their money as a means of survival.
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    Facebook bans white nationalism after pressure from civil rights groups

    I’ve never like censorship. I would rather like to know which hate groups are available as opposed to them working underground.
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    Corporal punishment claims rock Paarl Boys' High School

    " We have fallen upon evil times and the world has waxed very old and wicked. Politics are very corrupt. Children are no longer respectful to their parents." King Naram Sin of Chaldea, 3800 years B.C.
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    Pietermaritzburg municipality on verge of collapse

    I would really like to see how these clowns think they can manage policies as complicated as land reform if they can't even get the municipalities to get their bills right. Here is a political ****up in the waiting.
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    40% quotas for SA schools athletics

    I reckon that schools like companies are just gotto start boycotting this nonsense.
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    AfriForum makes its play in the battle for the hearts and minds of farmers

    I think that Pieter du Toit makes his money by criticizing anything that Afrikaans people do in this country. The guy is a complete poephol. Theo de Jager has been approached by the ANC before for advise on farming, I would hardly call him a right wing farmer.
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    David Mabuza: 'The shortage of electricity is a sign of growth'

    And me not using toilet paper is a sign of excessive hygiene. I sometimes wonder if these people honestly believe the k@k that they are talking?
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    SA will run out of money by 2042 – economist

    yeah, 2042 is quite far away. How many of these economic predictions actually become true? The more I read up on economics, the more it appears that economists are nothing short of psuedoscienstist.
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    FNB has frozen our bank account on behalf of AfriForum - BLF

    These guys have been opportunists from the start. Good riddance to them, now they can actually find actual jobs as opposed to using their skin to make money.
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    Zimbabwe's new currency to trade at 2.5 vs US dollar

    This is often pointed out as a way for dominant countries to impose their will on smaller ones. Botswana for example doesn't peg the pula, which forces them to be more competitive. If you peg your currency to another country's then you severely limit your state's fiscal flexibility (which might...
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    Zimbabwe's new currency to trade at 2.5 vs US dollar

    Namibia and Lesotho basically does the same, they peg their currency to the rand at a fixed rate. The issue with this is that you're very susceptible to the actions of other nations. Their inflation basically becomes your inflation.
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    Should White South Africans Be Asylum Seekers?

    Cool so we can also join the victimhood olympics
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    Bosasa executive to blow the whistle on corruption

    I don’t expect any big guy behind bars
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    Bosasa executive to blow the whistle on corruption Naturally the guy is also a Christen. And let’s not forget the convenient fact that Gavin Watson is Cheeky Watson’s brother.
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    Willemse confident SAHRC will prove racism behind TV walkout

    I still cannot get my head over the fact that this guy who is a millionaire sees himself as a victim.
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    BUDGET BRIEFING: Mboweni takes no prisoners and skips the BS

    The government is forced to reform yes, it isn’t the first time that this is happening though.