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    How do I link my Yealink phone to MWEB Talk fibre VOIP?

    Hi All. Sorry missed the responses here. I unfortunately don't have a resolve, BUT let me pass this on to someone that can assist.
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    MS Teams/SFB Local Breakout

    Thanks, that makes sense... Anyone know of a good course by MS (or anyone else) on the technical aspects of SFB/Teams/O365?
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    MS Teams/SFB Local Breakout

    Hi All. I perhaps have a incomplete understanding of teams/SFB and would like to ask for a bit of assistance. As I understand it, SFB has two options, cloud and on premise. As far as I know cloud is not available in SA yet as MS would need to partner with a local ITSP to do the breakout/billing...
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    Samsung Pay Giveaway - Win a Samsung Connect & Control Speaker and other prizes

    Samsung Pay works at your favourite places, whether you need to swipe or tap, making payments safer and simpler, anywhere* you go. Just wish you supported Nedbank (or Nedbank supported Samsung pay)
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    Minted Gold Bars, Safer than the Rand?

    Thanks, it might be, but I am not sure it's possible to buy minted platinum bars (unless I am mistaken). I do not want to put it into stocks, i'd rather have the physical thing.
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    Minted Gold Bars, Safer than the Rand?

    Hi All. I have been investigating minted gold bars as a "safer" option to the SA rand. My intention is to buy gold bars every month as a form of savings. I understand gold also varies in price considerably, but at the moment (to me at least) it seems safer than our beloved currency. I also...
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    How do I link my Yealink phone to MWEB Talk fibre VOIP?

    If you don't win with the above, send me a message and I'll help you further.
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    How do I link my Yealink phone to MWEB Talk fibre VOIP?

    Hey, try this: Connect the Base Station onto the router/Switch. Press the Ok button -> Select Status Icon (top left icon) Select Base Make a note of the IP address Open a Web Browser and enter the IP address on the address bar Default logins are admin for both username and password Navigate...
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    Two-Day Giveaway - Win an Amazon Fire TV and Branded Gear

    The South African government’s national Digital Society SA strategy aims to position the country as a significant player in the development of ICTs throughout the value chain, accelerate uptake in all socio-economic sectors, increase inclusion, and transform the country into a fully digital society.
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    Two-Day Giveaway - Win an Amazon Echo Smart Home Speaker with Alexa

    Clients on a Red plan will be prioritised in the queue in selected Vodacom stores, where they can enjoy shorter waiting times.
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    Had enough of the credit bureaus

    So I want to check if it's just me that is struggling with credit bureaus so much of late. Firstly, the credit scores are extremely inconsistent (I check on a daylie basis). And often it is reported much higher or lower depending on the day... surely this should not be the case as it's based on...
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    Understanding a Credit Report

    Hi All! So I come here in search of help in understanding credit reports. Long story short, I recently left debt review voluntarily as I felt I could better repay my credit providers on my own, and I need access to credit again. During my debt review (4 and a half years) I never...
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    Leaving Debt Review, an Easy (ish) Guide.

    Good Day All!! First post, but I did feel it is pertinent that someone makes mention of it and I am sure there are many people under debt review who are in the same position as me, so here goes! Way back in 2012 I had the misfortune of being retrenched and being without a means of income for...