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  1. Jan

    Eskom Prime – Protect yourself against load-shedding [April Fools]

    Eskom Prime – Complete protection against load-shedding [April Fools] Eskom has launched a premium service called Eskom Prime, which protects South African households and businesses against load-shedding. The new Eskom Prime subscription plan is priced at R995 per month for residential...
  2. Jan

    YouTube Premium launched in South Africa

    Cool, thanks for confirming. This is what I see:
  3. Jan

    YouTube Premium launched in South Africa

    From Episode 3?
  4. Jan

    YouTube Premium launched in South Africa

    Got home and signed up. Still can't access YouTube Originals. (I want to legally watch Cobra Kai and Origin). It shows me "Video blocked in country" and when I click on a video it says "Video unavailable" like it always did. Amended the article accordingly, and fired off some questions to Google.
  5. Jan

    YouTube Premium launched in South Africa

    YouTube Premium launched in South Africa Google has announced the launch of YouTube Premium in South Africa. Addressing guests and media at an event in Johannesburg on 12 March, the company said it was focusing on the availability of YouTube Music initially. However, it assured that it was...
  6. Jan

    ICASA chair must be removed from his post immediately

    ICASA chairperson must be removed immediately The chair of the council of Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA), Ruben Mohlaloga, must be removed from his position immediately. This is according to a resolution adopted by the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on...
  7. Jan UAE Embassy webpage linked to shady video streaming website

    I'm not actually sure it expired. If someone has a DomainTool subscription, would you mind checking?
  8. Jan

    Ripping MP3s is illegal in South Africa

    More like my Chris Blignaut collection. Ripped from the original vinyls.
  9. Jan

    Ripping MP3s is illegal in South Africa

    Once again it's demonstrated how few people who post in these threads actually read the article ;-) I wrote this one, not @Jamie McKane. Since this thread contains nary a Robin Williams/Jumanji meme, I was going to withhold my likes in protest. But I just couldn't... y'all are hilarious.
  10. Jan

    Cell C climbs the "best ISP for Netflix" ranks

    Yeah, that's explained above the table... "The company has climbed the ranks from its previous fifth-place ranking in November 2018 and maintained its top-three spot." Look at the line graph below the table. The fibre ISP divisions of Vodacom, MTN, and Cell C switched places on the index...
  11. Jan

    What stage 4 load shedding means for you

    MickeyD was a great guy. Never forgotten. If the whole grid failed it would be a calamity on a level we have never experienced before. I wrote about it in 2015, and someone else did an update last year. Original...
  12. Jan

    What stage 4 load shedding means for you

    Aww man! How I miss @MickeyD now. How many people remember the BlameJan Twitter account? Anyway... I aim to please. On a more serious (but less somber) note: part of the reason for the reporting was wondering what the hell Eskom was doing to avoid load-shedding when it warned us there would...
  13. Jan

    Makate did not invent anything and his idea was not technically possible – Ari Kahn

    Nope. He doesn't expect one either. He was consulting at the time and all his intellectual output for that period belongs to MTN. Source: 702 radio interview (Ari Kahn himself)
  14. Jan

    Internet legends of South Africa

    Posted this on the front page and thought it would be cool to have here. Sadly, the nature of lists like these is that they end up excluding some people. Michele (McCann) has done tremendous work. She was also a speaker at a MyBB conference, if memory serves (a Cloud and Hosting conference...
  15. Jan

    What you are not told about mobile data prices

    The comparison to Jio illustrates to me the dangers of trying to argue what we should pay in SA based on what people pay elsewhere in the world. Not that such benchmarking is useless, but the comparison should include context. Jio was launched by one of the richest men in the world. Reliance...
  16. Jan

    MTN has the best mobile network in South Africa

    Fair nitpick. I was (perhaps not-so-obviously) referring to disabling the data roaming option in the connection settings of Android. So as the new roaming agreements come into effect, that "blind spot" of the drive tests will go away.
  17. Jan

    MTN has the best mobile network in South Africa

    As a participant in the test I can confirm this. It is great fun getting to drive around the country and see places you might not have otherwise, but it is also still work. You don't just arrive in Klerksdorp, hit the monument, and then park off in a guest house. You have to criss-cross the...
  18. Jan

    Movie ticket prices in South Africa - 2005 to 2019

    It's data I've gathered over the years. Everything from 2012/13 onwards I gathered and verified myself. The data before that is based on whatever I could get from, old ticket stubs, and articles from back then. Back when I started this series of articles I could also check my...
  19. Jan

    The massive matric dropout problem in South Africa

    No Ali G gif, no upvote. (P.S. So there's no confusion, I'm the writer of this article and the headline was my idea. I regret nothing.)