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    Dexcom continuous glucose monitoring CGM

    Hi Anyone in the myBB community using the dexcom product for CGM. I’m interested in what happens to transmitters when the batteries die. Your experience with the product Pros cons Learnings Etc
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    Tourism levy

    So I recently travelled out of town for a family event. Booked into a hotel overnight via internet. Paid upfront with credit card. Next morning I go to check out and am told I have to pay a 1% tourist Levy. It’s about R9. I needed to hit the road. Wasn’t going to complain. I get back home...
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    wide angle CCTV analogue cameras

    Hi, My CCTV cameras do not give me wide angle viewing because of the small spaces. They provide good coverage and picture quality on long distance (20 plus meters) I am looking for wide angle CCTV outdoor cameras with LED for night vision preferably with 2.8mm lenses for distances of...
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    private and public schools in gauteng

    Hi We were discussing the cost of schools for grade 8 to 12 and I was wondering if anyone done a recent comparative costing exercise of public and private schools in gauteng?
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    building construction labour rates

    I'm looking for information about rates in the building industry 1. Amount paid for brick laying per 1000 bricks 2. Amount paid for plastering walls per square meter. This is the amount paid by the building contractor to a sub contractor.
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    Switch off and save...I received an sms about EDDI launching my area. It stands for Electricity Demand Display Instrument. The website is . It sounds like the efergy unit, but I can't be sure. Does anyone have the EDDI device? If so, how does it work? What are the pros and...
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    TP Link MR3420

    Hi, I bought a TP link3420 yesterday to use for shared internet connectivity at home. I need an always on 3G connection for incomming connections to the router. Using a E173 moodem with vodacom sim. I set it up and connected my devices quiet easily via LAN port. However, I notice that...