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    Changing the 2 hour pre-set cutoff time on a RCT ups

    have gone through all of the Viewpower software, trying to find how to adjust the cutoff time for the ups, but to no avail, has anyone had any luck with it-thanks
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    burning smell from ups

    i have a RCT ups, it works fine, but has a burnt electrical smell, any idea what it could be .Thanks
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    Telkom/Openserve during load shedding

    Thinking of signing up with Telkom/Openserve fibre, can somebody who is on Telkom tell me if the network is active during load shedding, will be running the router/ONT via a UPS or DC power supply. Cannot get an intelligent answer from Telkom ( even the technical department )
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    el cheapo versus decently priced router on ethernet cable

    Not sure if this is the right forum. i am on a 50/50 mbps line, my 4k tv is connected via ethernet cable to the router, my question is will I get better speeds/throughput on the higher priced router, i.e better picture quality ? Thanks
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    I have a 20 Mbps fiber line with Telkom/Openserve, i only stream Netflix and Youtube, the Netflix app ( built in ) registers 19 or so Mbps and so does, would it help with the resolution to go for 40 Mbps or higher speeds or is that overkill Hisense U8A
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    trying to reach PB COOL

    Hi PB, signed up with you guys yesterday, but have a issue, how do I message you privately Tariq
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    Cool ideas- trying to get through to support

    Am thinking of signing up with Cool Ideas, called support twice in two days to check response time, first time I hung up after 17 minutes and the second time I was FIRST inline right off the bat, but hung up after 12 minutes, not sure what is going on