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    Afrihost Cell C network problems

    Same problem, unfortunately
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    Understanding prepaid electricity

    Paid R2.39/kWh today. R2,500 for 1047.6kWh. Getting reamed nicely.
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    What's for supper - Second Course

    Removed from the bone
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    What's for supper - Second Course

    Slow-cooked oxtail. Will be served on mashed potato.
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    What's for supper - Second Course

    Before or after they moved to where Cynthia's used to be? I've heard they've gone downhill since moving there.
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    What's for supper - Second Course

    Apparently there's a restaurant at the Times Square Casino in Pretoria called Forti which sells wagyu ribeye @ R600 a serving. Not sure of the serving size, though, but I'd wager less than 500g. EDIT: Apparently it's 300g.
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    What's for supper - Second Course

    Given how I have exactly 0 tolerance for any kind of spicy food, I'll have to pass ;)
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    What's for supper - Second Course

    This one wasn't as good as the one I had a little while ago (should be my previous post in this thread), which had better marbling, but this was still excellent. Didn't need a knife at all, the meat was pull-apart tender with very little effort and a very beefy taste. Very fatty too, of...
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    What's for supper - Second Course

    Wagyu sirloin and oven-baked chips
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    How much do you spend on your monthly grocery bill?

    I love how the original post asks and most of the replies make a point of excluding dining out :p
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    HD5970 to launch 16 November 2009?

    Source I hope this is true, can't wait :D Rumoured to be anything from 12" to 13.5" in length, though :eek:
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    Guide: Undervolting your CPU

    Most enthusiasts are well-versed in the "art" of overclocking a CPU, that is, running a CPU above its rated clock speed. Large overclocks usually require you to increase the core voltage (VCore) of the CPU to run at the higher clock speed without any stability issues. This act of raising the...
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    Giving Ubuntu a shot on my notebook

    I'm busy downloading Ubuntu 8.04.1 as I type this :D I've only dabbled with Ubuntu in a VM setting before, will now be installing it full-time on my notebook (HP 530). Any tips/ideas/useful software I should know about? Will be using it for basic programming (Java) and office use...
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    Service Pack 3 internet issue

    Hi folks There have been plenty of threads created recently regarding the infamous Windows XP Service Pack 3 loss of internet connectivity issue. I have just completed a comprehensive tutorial in the Hardware and Software FAQ which will show you how to resolve the problem. If you...
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    Today has been a good day

    Started off with this, now this :D /me heads off to the casino Thanks rpm and Cara! :)
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    Standard Bank - Great service

    Went to Standard Bank in Key West yesterday to invest some money in a MarketLink investment (woohoo, I have an investment at 19 :D) and open a cheque account (looks good for my credit record to have a positive balance on a cheque account, apparently). I received excellent service there, I'm so...
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    Profile comment

    I received a very interesting profile visitor comment this morning. Should I RAS, or is this just someone who really wants to talk to me? :D
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    Browse the internet via Notepad

    *Note, this is for Windows XP users. I'll have a look at a Windows Vista alternative* If you have, say, a boss who monitors for how long you have iexplore.exe or firefox.exe open, why not browse the web with notepad.exe? :p Open Notepad Click on "Help" -> "Help Topics" Right-click on...
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    Windows XP Service Pack 3 Performance

    I have updated the FAQ with the long-awaited performance comparison. Discuss :D