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    Mikrotik Bandwidth Priority

    Yeah. PCQ + Queue tree is the way to go. Basically it divides the bandwidth between every device connected. So 1 device gets 100%, 2 devices will get 50/50 and so forth. But, using priorities in said queues you can give higher priorities to certain ips/protocols etc. Worked nicely for my problem
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    Getting Fiber to remote area

    Ok, so lets say money is no object (I wish). And I wanted to get a fiber connection to a remote town. Round about 2gbps. Who would one contact to do the planning, trenching etc to get the physical cable from DFA cable run to my property? Nearest DFA runs about 20km from said town. Then, if the...
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    Mikrotik Bandwidth Priority

    @websquadza Whoa thanks for all the info. Will get stuck in. Got the coffee pot brewing, diving goggles on, pizza on its way. Wish me luck.
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    Mikrotik Bandwidth Priority

    So this is a two parter... Part1: So lets say i have a 100mbps internet connection, and using a mikrotik rb750 as my main router. Now I want to guarantee 15mbps each to 5 pc's at all times. And split the remaining 25mbps to the the remaining users. But if the full 75mbps is not being used by...
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    Leave for December...

    1st Dec, back 7th Jan
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    Double nat

    Most lte providers NAT their networks by default. Thus, if you NAT the LTE connection at your home, in effect you are double NAT'ing. Ask them for the APN that supplies you a public IP. Maybe that will help. Your question isnt very clear Also, if not already, connect your console directly to...
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    Double nat

    Also, if not already, connect your console directly to your main router and test. Preferably with Ethernet cable
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    Double nat

    Most lte providers NAT their networks by default. Thus, if you NAT the LTE connection at your home, in effect you are double NAT'ing. Ask them for the APN that supplies you a public IP. Maybe that will help. Your question isnt very clear
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    Whole fillet on a Weber

    Cut the fillet open so that it looks like a sock. Stuff with biltong, creamcheese of your choice, some garlic. Close hole at the top with butchers twine or toothpicks. Slow cook on weber as per usual.
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    New Two-Day Giveaway - Win an Amazon Fire TV and Branded Gear

    Its all about connectivity these days, and it seems the new micra has quite a lot of it. Nice.
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    DStv price freeze challenged by MultiChoice

    So Nigerians only pay R613.36 per month for premium? So glad i'm dstv free for 5 years now.
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    F*** my life. And FNB too.

    Trying to apply for a device on FNB's website. Error: "The Monthly Income Amount cannot be greater than the Monthly Income Amount you entered". ??????????????????????????????????????? So, pick up the phone, try and order manually. Phone call disconnects EVERY TIME the consultant answers...
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    Glaring Mweb Security Flaw

    Not going in too much detail but boy does Mweb have massive security flaw in their email password recovery model. Took me all of 2 minutes to retrieve and change a password. Thought it was for a client of mine, fact remains anyone that's a bit tech savvy could have accessed the emails. Where...
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    Help with SQL aggregate function

    Hi guys So here's the deal. I have got 2 tables. "JOBCARD" & "JOBCARD_DETAIL" JOBCARD contains all detail relevant to a jobcard header eg. Customer, Date, Technician etc JOBCARD DETAIL contains the lines with "work done", "price", "qty" and "line total". I want to create a...
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    Webafrica Terrible support

    Very dissapointed in Webafrica. Logged a support ticket yesterday morning. Still waiting for a reply. Quick to take my money, very slow to help me with a problem. Ai tog....
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    Hunting Rifle Advice

    Hi Guys, Need some help making my mind up. I'm in the market for a rifle or 2. Basically I am buying a Sported .303 with Leupold VXII 3-9x40 scope for R 5000. My idea is to use the .303 as a target practice gun, and putting the leupold scope on a new rifle. This is where my problem...
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    The Most Stupid Question Ever...

    So I know you guys are going to think me a total dumb-ass but... Is it possible that extensive hours of programming over a week or 3 can be detrimental to ones mental or physical health? (I work out 2 x a week, and work my regular job during the week days) But weekends and almost every other...
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    Help With Query Structure

    Hi All, Im going to try to simplify this question as much as possible, but this one has me stumped. I have 3 tables. A "Vehicles" Table, A "Vehicle Service Schedule" Table, and a "Loads Done By Vehicle" Table. In the Loads Done Table, You select a vehicle, add the delivery address etc...
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    Pipe Diameter and Pressure

    Hi Guys, My scenario is as follows: My new house has a main water connection of 25mm with about 4 bar pressure. They installed a 32mm pipe that runs from the main connector to my house, which is roughly 100m away (its a plot). What would be the pressure drop, if any, by using the 32mm...
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    Looking for advice on a good router with integrated VPN

    Hey Guys, I need some advice. I am implementing a new network for a client and I am looking for a decent router with the following functionality: - Basic services (DHCP etc.) - Integrated VPN service - Decent firewall - Port/bandwidth throttling (P2P, Skype, Uncommon ports) This...