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    Anyone using Bronberg WISP?

    I'm quite happy with them, have had one or two weird issues with latency, but that was sorted out within an hour or 2 of phoning them.
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    Oh God(us)

    You know you've done something wrong if you were once one of the biggest names in game development and a couple of years later people's first reaction is "Hey, it's not terrible" :p
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    Anyone using Bronberg WISP?

    They came on Friday to do the installation so we're sorted now, but thanks for the reply.
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    Anyone using Bronberg WISP?

    I saw an ad for them in my estate's magazine and is considering giving them a try as the ADSL in Mooikloof is just a pain in the ass. My line has been down every weekday for the last 3 weeks (during the day mostly) for at least an hour a day. Today it went down at 11am and I'm still without...
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    Midnight launch for iphone 5?

    I'm guessing so: Only 8 hours and 30 minutes left to go. Bring on the iPhone 5. Will you be at Vodacom World tonight? #Vodacom5
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    new ipad mini lauched and ipad 4th gen launched

    Well if they did that, what would they release 6 months from now?!