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    Motorbike Insurance

    Hi All, So I am in the process of getting my bike, but getting insurance is such a pain since I get declined for only wanting to insure my Motorbike and nothing else. I got a quote for R3 881.05pm that is just ridiculous. Could anyone recommend insurance companies I could contact? I...
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    Need advice on Motorbike License and Insurance suggestions

    Hi All! So I am thinking about buying a Kawasaki Z650 ABS – 2018, but I have no Idea how to go about the license. I have a normal license for a car and have been driving for years now, but I would assume that I will still have to take the learners test and then the actual driving test as...
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    My Wisp want to charge me extra money to fix a fault on their side?

    So, I am not going to mention the Wisp in question for now, I just need some assistance with some legal matters. I play Ps4 online, and as far as I can gather from my Wisp is that everyone on their network works from the same IP Address, (not to sure about how that works technically) All...