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    Best WIFI setup at home

    Current wifi router packed up. Need a new decent setup. Fibre is currently being built in the area. House is fairly large +400sqm, and previous setup entailed 2 additional repeaters (with the hassles they come with), so in the market for a brand new system. Want fast and stable coverage...
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    Streaming cctv to Smart TV

    Have a NVR with 10 IP Camera's (dahua) hard wired to a monitor on one side of the house with the main TV on the other side of the house. Impractical at this stage to hard wire to the main TV but would like to view the camera feeds on the smart TV which is connected on the same WIFI as the NVR...
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    Travel loyalty schemes

    Recently started following a number of international blogs on how to travel overseas (mainly on points/miles) for much, much less. Ideally this would involve earning and spending miles/points using unorthodox methods. As I understand in summary, you earn points using credit cards (amex...
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    Best Espresso machine?

    Looking at taking my coffee to the next level and investing in a decent semi-automatic espresso machine. Not interested in fully automatic or capsule machines. Any recommendations from coffee connoisseurs out there? My budget is around R10k excl burr grinder Really interested in the...
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    Borehole connection to mains

    Hi Bought a place recently that has a borehole. Currently, the borehole is only supplied to one tap in the garden area. I have tested the borehole water and its fine for consumption. Is it possible for me to connect the borehole to the main water supply, which supplies the house...
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    Video over long distance

    I have a pc with standard ports (Vga, Ethernet, usb, HDMI) that needs to display video to four screens which are over 30m away from each other. What is the most cost effective way to do this as I understand VGA cables are not effective >10m.
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    Vodacom Smart Kicka Phone

    I know this is a very popular phone, but really battling to get a case/cover for it. Not even the china malls or Indian cellphone shops seem to keep any. Can anyone assist with a place to find these ?