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    Which investment vehicles to safe for children's education?

    Hi. What are you using to save for your children's education? TFSA in their own name? Will be needing the funds in 13-15 years. Thanks.
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    What car do you drive and how do you rate it?

    2015 Toyota Corolla Quest - Takes me to work and back and for short trips around town, for that purpose it's perfect. 2016 Isuzu KB 2.5 DTEQ Double Cab - Wife's car, taking the children to school and back as well as holidays and weekend trips. Not the fastest, but reliable and loads of space.
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    Sedan with budget of R 250 000 to R 320 000.

    After seeing all the good advice on other threads, I'm now going to ask for your opinions. Budget of R 250 000 to R 320 000. Currently driving a 2015 Toyota Corolla Quest. Wife and 2 kids, already have a double cab for holidays and long trips, the sedan would be for driving to work and back...
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    Hatchback or sedan

    In the market for a new car within the next year. My first 3 cars have all been sedans, having always thought that the boot space in a hatchback with seats up is nowhere near that of a sedan. I've read some articles where most authors say that boot space in a hatchback is superior to a...