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    I need help - Replacing TV with monitor advice

    Hey folks. So here's the situation. I have a 32" 1080p Samsung LED TV that I use as a PC monitor. I also use it for work, console gaming (Xbox One/PS Classic), movies, etc. It's pretty much my all in one screen. It has 4 hdmi ports, swivel, optical out, chroma 4:4:4 and basically no backlight...
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    Afrihost frustrating service

    So a week ago I've applied for a fibre line I cancelled my ADSL line with Afrihost via the Clientzone and applied for the fibre at the same time. I received an email that requested I verify my banking account for the debit order. Ok fine, not sure why since I've been a client for years but no...
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    Looking for an Android box to play videos from HDD offline

    Hi folks. Looking for some assistance/recommendations. My friend has an external HDD with lots of video files in various different formats (AVI, MKV, MP4, etc.) Currently the HDD is connected to an oldish Samsung Blu-ray player but many of the files/codecs are not supported and the player is...
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    Question regarding HDMI and switches (long question)

    Here's the situation. I've been using my Samsung 2333SW Full HD LCD screen via DVI to my PC for the past month or so. The other day I connected a Xbox via HDMI-DVI cable to it and therefor had to use the VGA port for my PC and OMG does it look crappy. I guess since I've been using DVI the whole...
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    I need a selling price for my Xbox

    I love my box but honestly I just don't get the time to play with it. My DS is also sitting here gathering dust and I've still got some sealed games for it. I guess I'll stick to my DS for now and buy the next-next gen hardware when they arrive and when I hopefully have more spare time. Anyway...
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    Amazon listing: Xbox 360 Elite Forza 3 250GB Bundle

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    New Xbox 360 Elite Halo Bundle (Canada ATM)

    Pics and source
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    I want to play a new RPG on my Xbox

    Ok, so I've got some bucks but I'm having problems finding a RPG to buy :erm: Here's my history and some info Played: Fallout 3 - Bloody awesome! (pun intended) Fable 2 - Not really a RPG but I still enjoyed it. Eternal Sonata - Junk! No mini-map so I always got lost (and missed all the...
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    I'm so pissed at Take 2 right now

    I just received my copy of Ridge Racer 6 (Xbox). Since I'm a real fan of the series I was very excited when my parcel arrived this morning. Unfortunately I had to wait 20 days since Take 2 imported the game from Amazon UK. Problem is the game is not new. There was no seal on the casing, the...
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    Molyneux announces Fable III at GamesCom

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    So.... I decided to read my Xbox 360 warranty manual

    Well since I'm one of those lucky buggers who never had any Xbox failures (2 consoles) I was still curious and decided to go read the warranty guide anyway. Interesting's some quotes. Xbox 360 - Volume 2 - Warranty Extract from page 3 Extract from page 4 So...
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    Question about upcoming Fallout 3 GOTY

    As we all know the Fallout 3 GOTY edition will be bombing our wasteland in October. I'm just wondering exactly how this is going to work. Let's say for example the Xbox 360 version. Does the GOTY include a.) The game and all 5 expansion packs on 1 disc (can't see how it would fit). or...
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    23-24" LCD with Height Adjustment

    I'm looking for a 23 - 24" LCD with a native res of 1920 x 1080. Must have swivel, tilt, height adjustment stand. HDMI will be a big plus. Thanks :)
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    Looking for Samsung 2494HM

    Any idea where I can get this monitor? I'm not looking for the 2494HS since it does not include a height adjustable stand.
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    Argh...Xbox HDTV shopping is hard

    I've been reading up on all this stuff for months now and I still can't decide how to proceed. There's just some stuff that I find confusing etc. Problem 1: My budget I have an extremely small room and budget so the biggest and best I can do is 32". Currently I'm looking at the Sinotech...
  16. D I can't use PayPal...or maybe...

    Ok...I want to receive (not withdraw) only receive, funds into a PayPal account so that I can use them again for whatever purchases. Well all know that SA PayPal account don't allow this but...what if I only wanted to receive and not withdraw or use my credit card at all? Can I just open an...
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    DarKWateR's most wanted upcoming Xbox games

    Well the title might seem "exclusive" to Xbox 360 orientated but it's basically just the list of games I'm looking forward to playing on my console so here goes... Fallout - New Vegas Not much as known about this title but if it's even close to Fallout 3 I'm sold. According to the developers...
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    What are you playing at the moment? (any platform)

    What game are you currently playing? I think it will be nice to list the game(s) we are currently playing and posting it now and then (maybe even state the price paid and where for current shoppers if the title is new). Just some basic info like the how you're finding it, what you're doing and...
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    err...Is the gaming section on MyBB dying??

    This has been bothering me for some time now.... Where the f*&k is everybody!!? Why do I ask? Well.... * The stickied threads are just hanging there on the brink of death. * You just keep on seeing the same faces (I can count them on my hand). * There's barely any new discussions. *...
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    So I'm thinking of buying Guitar Hero

    I've been checking out Guitar Hero video, reviews, forums and screenshots out the pas couple of weeks and I'm thinking of buying it on the 25th. I'm not really into that kind of music but some of the songs do appeal to me and rhythm games have always been something I liked. I'm looking at the...