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    Telkom exchange NOT capable 10Mbps!!

    What a incompetent the telkom is. I placed an order for 10Mbps about 1 year ago. They said the exchange dont support 10mbps. currently paying R650 for 4mbps dsl is totally ripping off. openserve guys driving around everyday doing nothing. can someone suggest good LTE isp for alternative route?
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    Asus Gaming MG248Q 144Hz 3D Monitor

    Item: As the title says Age: Have POP Price: 4999 Warranty: Might have Packaging: Yes with Box Condition: Perfect Location: Rustenburg Reason: No more gaiming Shipping: yes on you Collection: Yes Link...
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    Global Slow Down

    did anyone notice how booming US economy growth compare to globally (look our rand) despite all the chaos. check US stock exchange figures....
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    Samsung USB3.0 128GB Flash Drive (CLOSED)

    Item: As in the title Age: Doesn't matter Location: Rustenburg Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes
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    Samsung EVO 120GB 2.5" SSD (CLOSED)

    Item: As in title Age: As new as possible Price: PM
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    Suger cane juice Extractor

    Item Wanted: Juice extractor machine Packaging Essential: N/A Desired Age: N/A Location: Rustenburg Area NW Willing to accept a shipped item: Sure Ballpark/Budget Amount: R1000-R2000
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    ASUS MG248Q 144Hz 1ms Gaming Monitor (Retracted)

    Item:As in the title Warranty:Might have Age:16 months With POP Location:NW Rustenburg Packaging:Yes Reason:Not using Condition:Excellent Collection:Sure Shipping:On you Link...
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    YT Buffering Issue Telkom ISP

    Is there anyone still with telkom having youtube not using full bandwidth? other sites seem working ok though. can someone assist using youtube international server? EDIT: Seems they throttle UHD 60fps videos. also some videos works fine.
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    SOLD ..Samsung USB3.0 OTG Flash drive+MS Wireless KB/Mouse

    Item:OTG Drive+Microsoft wireless KB/Mouse combo Age:Not sure Price:R450 for both Warranty:No Packaging:Will bubble wrap it Condition:Excellent Location:Rtb north west Reason:Not Using it Shipping:Yes Collection:Sure!product?id=PLID29358367...