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  1. -TachyonRSA

    Decommissioned Servers

    I am currently looking at building a homelab with a couple of servers and networking gear. Does anyone have any decent old servers available such as Dell PowerEdge R710's?
  2. -TachyonRSA

    Website Review

    Good day, I am starting a small web development company and would like some opinions about my website. I would appreciate any feedback you guys might have. The website can be found here: Thanks in advance!
  3. -TachyonRSA

    Freelancer contract

    Does anyone know of a contract (preferably free) that one can use as a freelance software developer to cover yourself?
  4. -TachyonRSA

    Absolute Hosting Review

    I recently signed up with Absolute Hosting and decided I will post a review of them. TL;DR: Absolutely amazing features at great prices with the best customer service I have ever received from any hosting provider. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a hosting provider with great...