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    Man shot in head by police after altercation at local guest house

    Ye, unfortunately, this is the case when guys live on roids and think they the "manne" Think you untouchable and can **** everyone up. Shame All the police standing there doing sweet nothing as per usual, when he went and put his gun away. They could of outmuscled him easily. But na. He got...
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    Junior Network Engineer | Randburg, JHB | R15 - 18 000 (neg)

    Fascinating that the salary is still the same back when I was at that level in 2014.
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    The ANC is in total crisis.

    Well if the coalitions go well and Action SA can demonstrate what their party is about and play nicely with the DA. Hopefully, it will cause a ripple effect that the masses can believe in voting for a different party. Thus the ANC loses more voters and eventually cripple them to the POS that...
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    'Race specific' client, agent reject Cape Town man's apartment rental query, agency drops landlord

    I find it confusing as to why the real estate agent is getting the chop. She is merely the gate keeper and acts on the landlords requirements. The landlord should be the one to be named and shamed.
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    More than 40% of South Africans go to bed hungry every night

    40%? we need to pump up those numbers. Vote ANC
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    Heroic dog saves family from armed robbers

    But But But why did the homeowner have a gun? How dare he use it for self-defense. Jokes aside, I hope the family can get through this tragic and traumatic time. I hope the POS died a slow death. The other should of also joined his friend, especially for shooting your dogs.
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    The Bodybuilders Thread: Circuit II

    You looking for those particular spring type or will a collar that you manually tighten do?
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    ‘Paul Kruger Must Fall’: EFF calls on DA to remove statue

    Let them take it down. Eff is a one trick pony. Burn,loot, vandalise, steal, repeat
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    Zimbabweans can brace themselves to spend hours without power as well as water.

    You have the land, now stfu and deal with it.
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    Sudden poor FPS fix for PC (Any Game - Nvidia GPU)

    Thank you, this definitely helped me. :thumbsup:
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    Activision Blizzard Sued Over ‘Frat Boy’ Culture, Harassment

    I really wouldn't mind if these pr1cks get a taste of their own medicine. Since we live in a snowflake world and people cannot bare any form of resistance online, as that results in a report if you disagree. I appealed to them for a ban I received, they ignored it and looked the otherway. Shame.
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    Ping request

    I am based in South Crest/Alberton and using Metro Fibre. Thanks for the details. I am just getting fed up with the shoulder-shrugging and "reboot your router" replies.
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    Ping request

    Awesome thanks, Do I use this vs my own stats and give the ISP the results? Or is there more I'm missing?
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    Ping request

    Thank you John Starr, Its definitely an issue with Home Connect/Metro Fibre
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    Ping request

    Good evening guys Could you please be so kind to just give me some feedback on a ping request to the following address? It is the Heros of the Strom EU server. I will attach my results to compare and my trace route. Thank you in advance :thumbsup: IP:
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    Ivermectin: balance of evidence shows no benefit against Covid-19

    I came across some article that Africa has not felt the devastating effects of Covid because Ivermectin is being used to treat other diseases like River blindness and others. It's cheap too. Coincidence? maybe.
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    Metrofibre Feedback

    Ye, unfortunately, I'm dealing with Home Connect, I have received more support from the covid relief fund.
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    Metrofibre Feedback

    Well, they point fingers it's Metro Fibre and now you say it's Home Connect. During the day there is no packet loss. Come night time its packet loss. Care to explain?