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    Amazon advertising 168 jobs in South Africa

    Lol ... Job requirement #1: "Must be fluent in Malayalam and English (Speak, Read and Write)". That's one way to limit applications :ROFL::ROFL::ROFL:
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    Frogfoot out again

    Just came back up. Whole city down for over 5 hours & as usual FF pretends nothing happened. They even deleted the outage notification from their website. FF must be the worst FNO on the planet.
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    Frogfoot out again

    So Frogfoot is down all over Cape Town again. Their network is down more than a broken yoyo.
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    The streaming subscriptions you can get for the price of DStv Premium

    I doubt anyone includes their Internet access costs in their price calculations. Internet access is something you need whether or not you're DSTV or a streaming service. A real fair comparison would just compare the service's subscription costs & by that measure you can easily subscribe to 4...
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    Budget 2020 - Big tax increases on alcohol and tobacco

    lol ... 14c on a Beer: how does that become a 'Big tax increase'
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    "ICASA will mess up the industry for 20 years" — Telkom files lawsuit over 5G spectrum auction

    Lol ... Telkom has never been able to compete on anything, all they've ever done is complain and use the government to get monopolies. They're just another incompetent SOE in disguise
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    You don’t pay too much for electricity – Eskom's De Ruyter

    I'd love to pay Eskom prices for electricity .. it's the municipalities that rip us off. We pay more than double Eskom's rate in Cape Town. Amazing how municipalities are totally MIA when electricity prices come up...
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    FTTH Port Elizabeth

    Don't get too excited ... Frogfoot went 'live' in my area almost 3 weeks ago & they came to install in my house today ... only to be told after installation that they can't can't activate it yet because the street isn't live yet ... with all the other delays I'm starting to think Frogfoot is bit...
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    Afrihost going down the drain

    I waited 17 hours yesterday for a response to a fault on my uncapped business ADSL line. Sorry Gian, your 'Please accept my humble apologies' email about your pathetic support service a few weeks ago just doesn't cut it when I lose 15k+ because of their incompetence :mad: