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    More bank branches to offer Home Affairs services in South Africa in 2022

    Most banks already closing their branches so ya good luck
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    You are going to pay for e-tolls whether they are scrapped or not: minister

    not paying a cent. already paying fk of taxes
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    Samsung is still the world's top smartphone brand, but its rivals have increased their market share

    Samsung makes best phones, also best in semiconductor.
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    South Africa's petrol price could easily be 25% less - expert

    Could easily means? What about could be paying 25/l in near future
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    SAPO has told MyBroadband that it will be the only organisation that can deliver licence discs in South Africa

    SAPO is no more. They closed down near me because couldn't pay monthly rentals.
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    Downgrade warning for South Africa

    Fc up economy/businesses nicely by the gonersnnnet. They dont have any regrets whatsoever....
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    Warning over dramatic TV shift in South Africa

    SAPO.. :rolleyes:
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    Stage 4 load-shedding from 12:00 on Wednesday to 05:00 on Friday [Updated 27/10]

    Stage 2 ends 5am then 5pm to 6pm to then 8am until 4pm on friday till 6pm on saturday till midnight on the tuesday untill 5pm. Resume again on monday till 9pm........
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    Skilled workers face major roadblock entering South Africa

    Skilled workers won't risk entering South Africa
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    Push to ‘deregulate’ South Africa’s petrol price

    gonersment is not bother
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    SAPO: Tracking international parcels

    By the way why the hell you still using sapo as a courier?
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 4

    Meaning YT mirror also affected?
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    Afrihost - Pure Fibre Feedback Thread

    Hope @AfriNatic look into resolve YT outage