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    Ping request

    Good evening guys Could you please be so kind to just give me some feedback on a ping request to the following address? It is the Heros of the Strom EU server. I will attach my results to compare and my trace route. Thank you in advance :thumbsup: IP:
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    Selling car privately but still under finance

    Hi guys I know this question has been asked but I can't find a solid answer. So like many, Covid has affected us all in some way. I am on shaky ground and trying to get my business back on track. I would like to sell my car privately, which is still financed. I have received the settlement...
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    Job has succumbed to Covid-19, need some advice

    Good day, guys So the company I work for will be closing its doors and I am now part of the unemployed stats. I received 50% of my salary in April and will again for May. My debit orders for both months were 100%, car, insurance, rent etc So financially I am pretty screwed because I have...
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    Need some advice on account payment issue

    Hi guys, Please can someone shed some light on a situation I am having with the accounts department at storage king I have a container at storage king which has been there for over a year since Jan 2019 and setup a debit order to work out the payments. Come December 2019 to the present day...
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    Trial accounts

    Hi, Is it possible of getting a trial account before buying? Or is it not as easy To sign up to these ISP's I have to give proof of residence, certified copy of my ID. I just don't like giving my information out like that if I don't know what service I'll be receiving. Any help would be great...
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    Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240L

    Item: Cooler master masterliquid-ml240l-rgb Age: New Price: R900 Warranty: 1 Year Packaging: Orginal Condition: New Location: Fourways Reason: Have left over stock Shipping: Yes on the buyer Collection: Yes Link: Cooler Link