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    FreshPhone VOIP on CellC using Huawei B315s-936 LTE router

    Hi I had a B315s-936 setup a while ago for FreshPhone and it worked well. I intended reusing the router, this time to provide Internet and VOIP on a CellC Home Connecta Flexi bundle. I tested the setup thoroughly on my existing CellC data contract SIM, and it worked fine. However, after I had...
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    MTN Powerball spam

    I have a MTN prepaid SIM, and get Powerball SMS spam almost daily. Their opt-out does not work; I have tried twice to opt out, but the SMSs keep coming, from different numbers. I need advice on how to get rid of this. I did stop the other recharge SMSes with the *130*603# Is this type of spam...
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    iWatch Sport 42mm Grey Aluminium case

    Item: iWatch Sport 42mm Grey Aluminium case with black band Age: brand new, unused Warranty: local Apple warrenty, iStore invoice as proof Packaging: sealed Condition: new Location: Stellenbosch Reason: decided to stay with Garmin HRM Shipping: Can courier, but prefer collection. Price...
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    Porting from MTN to CellC - penalties?

    My son is on a MTN contract, R25 per month for R50 airtime (MTN Anytime 50 topup). No phone was included in the deal. He is one year into the two year contract. He wants to port to CellC (favourable deal - 100 minutes anytime, 100MB, 120 SMSes @ R 69 per month). MTN quotes a penalty of...
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    Vodacom caching

    Our organisation uses a portal to let users view and update their personal information. The pages are set with a directive not to cache, yet they are still cached by many ISPs. In all cases except Vodacom's 3G service, the information can be retrieved by using the browser's Ctrl F5 forced...
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    MacBook Pro and Expresscard HSDPA

    Does MTN supply any Expresscards that will work in a MacBook Pro? From the Apple website it looks as if Apple recommends going the Expresscard route rather than USB. If no Expresscards are available, which of the current USB options is recommended?