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    Someone please Help cancel Rain Sim ,

    Your sim should stop working at the end of September. Rain's cancellation policy is that they cancel at the end of the following month. (provided you initiated your cancellation in August, your sim should cancel at the end of September.
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    The only telco that can launch a true 5G network in South Africa

    Talk is cheap. SABC were the first to showcase HD broadcast during the 2006 World Cup. They were the last ones to have their channels in HD on DSTV, 12 years later. The "BS" that Rain is offering is not a myth, more accessible and cheaper than fibre, for me feels like 5G (180Mbps is the BS I...
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    data usage policy on RAIN

    That was my point exactly. 500GB+ a month is more the exception than it is the rule.
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    data usage policy on RAIN

    So you always do 750GB+ on the same games every month or this was a once off?
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    Test your broadband speed and win prizes worth R5,000

    Ping: 37ms Download: 20.05Mbps Upload: 3.84Mbps Rain Mobile Rating: 4/5