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  1. pinball wizard

    Waking up

    I get up at 4:15 to be out the door at like 4:50 in order to meet the training group at the BP in time (well, actually 4:14 as I can't handle that odd number in setting my alarm, like the volume on the TV must always be an even number, I digress...) and the alarm going off is waking up the...
  2. pinball wizard

    CPanel help

    Hi, I ****ed something up and now I can't get my emails from my domain. The three mail accounts are sitting in a trash folder, and when I tried to restore them, all I seem to have done is fill up my disc space and I still can't access my mail. Can someone assist me? I'll pm you the login...
  3. pinball wizard

    Gas or solar geyser

    So, looking at prices for both, including installation, it seems like six of one and half a dozen of the other. What to do?
  4. pinball wizard

    Plane Spotters?

    Is there such a thread? For rare Planes and Trains? AN 124 from Volga Dnepr.
  5. pinball wizard

    [S] Motorcycle Gear

    For Sale/Trade Template Item name (be very descriptive): Vega V-Tune helmet with built in Bluetooth and extra visor (XS) Age and condition: 6 Years never crashed Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling: No longer ride motorbikes Price: R600 Negotiable: Yes Location: East...
  6. pinball wizard

    Another which car thread...

    I'm looking at getting a cheap runabout as soon as we are released from lock up. or or Any...
  7. pinball wizard

    RIP James Small

    Cape Town - Former Springbok wing James Small has died at the age of 50.
  8. pinball wizard

    VW guys, confirm a theory for me?

    2013 1.4 Polo Vivo, 60 000km (odd) Serviced according to spec at VW. Nothing wrong with the drive. It has developed the following symptom: Upon starting and driving off, the engine temp warning light buzzes and flashes. This continues up the car the reaching temp and then stops, or it continues...
  9. pinball wizard

    Alternator repair

    Where's a decent place to get an alternator re-wired? JHB-ish.
  10. pinball wizard

    Dealer got trade-in wrong, wants R10k from me.

    So, some of you know I recently bought an H1. I traded in the DS3 and the Renault. The deal was that the dealer gave me R70k for the DS3. I sent him a copy of the original owner papers for it on the 7th of August, where it clearly states it's a 2010 model. They were happy with everything and...
  11. pinball wizard

    iPhone Help

    Is there anything that can be done with a iphone that is locked to an icloud account that the person who used the phone temporarily wont remove? Dunno if that makes sense. I have the phone. Someone, call it a family friend, used the phone, linked it to an account and now wont give us the...
  12. pinball wizard

    Mitsubishi Outlander thread.

    Well, discuss. Edited title as I eventually went with a 5008, and the thread is a general Outlander one now....