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    5G issue

    Hi Rain The Internet has been very slow today checked the router and see that it's stuck on 4g mode even though there are two towers close by please can you check and advise. Router has been rebooted. We've received your request | 8542345 Thanks
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    Rain App ?

    I picked up Rain Networks has brought out a app. Tried to sign in and wont load. Thanks to Rain they have confirmed this is legit from 2nd post :) @rain_mobile @rain_networks Can you confirm if this legit
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    5G Down...

    Not an Agent but do work for a ISP lol. First of Thank you Rain the service has really worked well and there no other type of connection where I stay. Even though there have been issues we have worked hand in hand to get it back up and going. So I work up today and could be a tower issue ...
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    Rain Marketing

    One of these days it going to be 100mb. Rain website is still
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    Rain 5G Oud Interface

    Hi all Just a share of current web-interface,
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    Dual Polarised High Gain LTE Antenna

    Hi All Selling a Dual Polarised High Gain LTE Antenna with 10 Meters Cable Bundle Item: Dual Polarised High Gain LTE Antenna with 10 Meters Cable Bundle Age: 8 months Price: R900 Warranty: No Clue Packaging: No Condition: Good Location: Bryanston Working hours / Bedfordview at night. Reason...
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    Axxess Data Give Away

    Hi all So i recently had my ADSL line stolen and got some ADSL Data to giveaway as i have moved to Rain 5G I have 705 GIG to give away and going to split with 2 luck people you must have a axxess account as i will be useing the function in the menu called Transfer Data Transfer Data To another...
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    Rain changed the name....

    Hi all This put a smile on my face this afternoon logged in to the router and always says rain but this time GoSpringboks