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    Down again. weekly occurrence. So unreliable
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    Samsung Pay

    So we had reports that Samsung Pay is launching in South Africa. Anyone with news or updates on the progress.
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    Dear Mr Cell C CEO - Jose Dos Santos (Please forward CellC Rep)

    Dear Mr. CEO; I trust the Cell C Rep will forward this to his CEO!! :sick: I read with interest the article published by Mybroadband with reference to the market share of prepaid amongst the four network providers...
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    Eskom served termination notice despite agreement
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    Is the new iphone 5 prone to bending?

    many reports of a week spot Is it true...
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    T-Mobile Rewrites '4G' Rules In Its Favor T-Mobile decided its HSPA+ network qualifies as "4G" as it steps up a marketing blitz targeting AT&T, Sprint and Verizon Wireless.