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    Eskom moves to Stage 4 rotational power cuts

    I guess recharging 1000000 alarm batteries around the clock is not helping.
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 4

    They seemed to have fixed it :) What a strange place we live in. 99 down, 97 up…but no power.
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 4

    Restart of fiber box worked...the first time I've ever had to do that in years. My whole network is power backed up, so I never get reset. Why would the fiber go down during loadshedding this time, like red lights down? On fail and restore. Don't octotel use batteries for backup anymore?
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 4

    Anyone else down West Beach/Table View CPT On Octotel? Can’t see any notices anywhere. Loadshedding has been strange this time round. Usually the fiber connection would not drop, but now it goes off 10 min at power fail/restore. Not sure if related.
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    What type of account is the FNB easy account?

    Feedback on my downgrade from Aspire: went in to branch on a Saturday. Consultant was confused as to why I want to change the account ("lost your job?"), but did not fight me and only tried a little upsell. Unfortunately they could not do it in branch, but it got done the following Monday...
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 4

    Apparently a fibre break (according to neigbour on RSA web that got a notice) ”Dear RSAWEB customers, We have been made aware of an extensive fibre break affecting the Octotel customers in the Melkbos, Blouberg, and surrounding areas. No ETA at the moment. Further updates to follow.”
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 4

    Anyone else down in Tableview/West Beach area CPT on Octotel? All green lights. I see no outages logged.
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    What type of account is the FNB easy account?

    I just need an account where my salary can go into, a couple of debit orders can run and I can do an EFT or two. All monthly spend goes through Aspire/Gold Credit card. I have a Capitec account that I maintain as a backup card that has come in handy quite a few times.
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    What type of account is the FNB easy account?

    Thanks for that info! I did contact them after asking here, and of course I could get no actual info. Just kept sending me the pricing guide PDF after getting my surname wrong and did not respond to my actual question... The Gold Account makes no more sense with the latest ebucks changes and I...
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    Cant get credit anywhere with decent salary

    Back in 2012, I also could not get any credit as a soon to be masters graduate with way less income than 10k. FNB refused me a credit card and I was not interested in stupid store accounts. I had a job offer in hand (at about 20k nett) and kept arguing with the FNB consultant in branch...
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    Tips to Boost your eBucks - 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022

    Same. But for me, an Easy PAYU account + Aspire credit card seems to make the most sense. Trying to get extra info out of FNB about Easy has been a total fail as anticipated.
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    What type of account is the FNB easy account?

    Bit of a thread necro, but the only other hit I could find is even older ( Are there an special transaction limits on EFTs/debit orders on the Easy accounts? Trying to get actual client experience before...
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    So I went to Capitec

    Bought airtime? I also saw this on FNB a couple of times and from the statement breakdown, only airtime could have caused this.
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    Fnb n virtual card

    Yip, tested this out and the total amount of these auth transactions show up in the detailed view, but not individually with merchant name, amount etc, when you look at the current transactions for the account. Only transactions on physical card. Will avoid using until this is fixed. I must be...
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    Soundbar buying advice

    I bought something very similar to that Samsung one listed above a year ago, I think just the previous model. It's very slick, well built and quite powerful, but I sold it a little while ago. The sound quality compared to my ancient Logitech 5.1 PC sound system was disappointing to my ears. I...
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    FNB debit orders going off early this month?

    Every FNB and external debit order went off on normal dates. No opt-in/opt-out notifications that I can remember. Light green in credit rating because apparently I have no savings which makes them nervous.
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    AMD Ryzen - Virtual Machines

    I got a 1700 with 16GB of CL14 3200MHZ RAM and whether the VM (Ubuntu allocated 4 cores, 8GB) is doing stuff vs not, I can't tell the difference. Current games don't use that many cores. RAM might become an issue one of these days, but I've never run out. GFX cards on the other hand with current...
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    FNB debit orders going off early this month?

    I'm getting paid tomorrow. If a home loan, etc FNB debit order goes off at the same time I'll start looking for another bank. I got a damn tuned spreadsheet I run my finances off. This is BS.
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    FNB debit orders going off early this month?

    This has never happened to me at FNB (debit order dates being auto adjusted). Why does it happen to some people and not others? Maybe it's because I keep my cheque account empty? Maybe because I've never had a debit order bounce? I think it's ridiculous that a bank would do this.