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    Fibre competition in Suburbs?

    Question, My suburb is covered by Metrofibre, so would Vumatel or other fiber network be allowed to lay down its infrastructure as well in future or is it just locked in to the one provider? asking for friend :sneaky: Regards, Clintie
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    Evetech has been BANNED on Carbonite.

    ian_stagib said: " It's been itching for a while now and the latest blatant disregard for decency with regards to their warranties, never mind that they're actually breaking the law, and how it has been affecting carb members has forced me to ban, for the first time, a well known company from...
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    What latency and speed is considered acceptable on "best effort" Fiber?

    I am an Mweb customer (100/100) and I often get told that fiber services are best effort services. That term gets thrown around alot but what do the community feel is acceptable from a "best effort" fiber service? As shown below I get some high latency and low speeds, which is rather...
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    Mweb on Metrofibre - More than a bit sloooow lately?

    Not sure whats up with Mweb and Metrofibre. My speeds are crappy and Im on 100/100 but my online gaming latency is shocking and the line speeds seem generally slow for the past few days: Anybody else on Metrofibre or Mweb experiencing similar issues? Clintie
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    Wirulink madness.

    Hey guys, some opinions please.... I got Wirulink about a year ago because I had no other options in my area at the time, I asked for professional package which is overkill but I needed the reliability and static IP for work purposes etc etc. I paid a massive upfront of about R6300 for...
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    MetroFibre - Any contacts for some Big Wigs at MetroFibre?

    Need to get some solid and reliable info from them regarding the Go Live dates in my area. The chummy helpdesk people don't seem to very keen. Clintie
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    How does RAIN back up its 200mbps claims?

    My question relates to the backhaul, and by this I mean the following: By offering premium customers a 200mbps (approx) service, Rain obviously need to back that up with some sort of "backbone" to make sure the rest of the traffic from the Tower gets to destination at more or less (generally...
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    5G coverage just gone.

    So I had the unlimited 5G premium for a few weeks now it was performing wonderfully. Was getting over 150Mbps consistently but then yesterday around 15h30 the 5G talkie power just gone away...... No reason. No response from Rain. Surely there is a way for Us all to protest collectively...
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    Best and worst ISPs in South Africa revealed Rain only just beating Telkom. That's shocking! I wonder if they happy with this state of things? Clintie
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    Accessories for Huawei 5G CPE?

    Does anyone know if we can purchase accessories like that flat PoE Ethernet cable from Rain? Especially a longer one as I need to run them a greater distance. Any info would be appreciated. Clintie
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    Vodacom Fibre Sales Order completed before Infrastructure Available?? WTF.

    So I had some Vodacom fibre agents very aggressively knocking on doors, flagging down traffic, making a big song and dance about fibre internet in my area. One day I decide to stop and see what the fuss is about. The agent reckons that we should sign up now to be the first in line for Fibre...