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    Eskom looking into the use of carbon capture at power plants, and hopes to create 300,000 jobs with renewable-component manufacturing

    Easy just employ 10 unskilled people to do 1 persons job. Ow wait they already doing that
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    A R300m private college versus government's failed R866 million infrastructure plans

    I see only white people in the pictures of the collage. Probably why it got done
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    Covid-19 third wave subsiding in South Africa, but it's not over yet

    Someone please help me with this. The 7day avg is down 24% on positive cases. But the test done in also 24% down. So if we test 10 healthy people and none test positive we have no more covid?
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    Covid-19 vaccine registrations skyrocket in South Africa

    rather get records for people getting the injection then just people registering.
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    Armoured vehicles pull into Durban

    what is a tank going to do? they cant fire that inside a city or do they want to cause even more destruction
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    Zuma’s daughter accused of inciting riots in South Africa

    throw her in jail next to her dad
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    Julius Malema blocked from posting to Twitter for 12 hours

    I know what but cant say it on here
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    South Africa's third wave of Covid-19 is cresting a peak

    Give it a week or 2 for all the protests(looting) at the moment to pass and see how many new cases comes up. but most people protesting(looting)probably wont get tested anyway
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    Operation PROSPER launched in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal

    All im asking is please use live ammunition
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    South Africa's new COVID-19 vaccine plan will target 200,000 jabs per day

    Do they know how many hours are in a day?
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    You can now tip car guards without cash

    Nice idea from tipped. 1000 carguards make r1000 a month that's R30k for tipped
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    This is how much Eskom spent to stop load-shedding during Zulu King’s memorial service

    That's not a significant or historical event it happens daily
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    Win awesome Seagate drives – Enter now

    Article 1: Its much faster then a normal HDD. make copying of larger files much quicker and loading times in games much better Article 2: Can use this for an offsite back off all your important documents and data that you dont want to loose. Article 3: Can upgrade your consoles storage...
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    Eskom will increase electricity prices in April

    What about the non tax paying consumer.
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    South Africa ranked as second worst country to be in during COVID-19 pandemic

    The Anc will put this graft up upside down and say look how good we are doing
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    Government working with networks to provision more data for students

    Data wont help when we have no power to power the cell towers or your laptop or phone
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    South African criminals are now burning down cellphone towers

    If you can't steal it burn it down