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    10th Gen (2016+) Honda Civic - Anyone own one, comments, experience?

    Hello Everyone, As per the title, anyone own\owned a 10th Gen Honda Civic 1.8 or 1.5T? Anyone care to share comments or experience? I currently have the 8th gen sedan, which is rock solid and never skipped a beat in the 10 years I have owned it. Thinking of upgrading in a year or 2 and quite...
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    2010 Ford Fiesta front door speakers

    Howzit everyone, Does anyone know what speakers would fit in a 2010 Ford Fiesta, Mk7? The front speakers are shot, and when I removed the door panel the speakers seem to be an odd size, so I am not too sure what to replace them with. I am not looking for anything fancy or expensive, just...
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    Cheap Chinese Andriod Smartphones

    Hello everyone, What are you thoughts and recommendations on importing a "cheap" Chinese Andriod smartphone. It seems more and more people are doing this, and I have seen a lot of my colleagues and friends import these phones, and using them without any issues. Brands like Zopo, Oppo...
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    ADSL - Exchange Tampering

    Hello, Does anyone suspect or know of incidents where individuals tamper with the exchange? I ask because I have been struggling with slow speed on my 4mbps line, currently at 0,2mbps. Ive logged many faults, what happens is that once the technician fixes the problem at the exchange I get...