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    RSAWeb: Exceptional service

    RSAWeb is only ISP that could connect fibre, registered as a standalone entity for security cameras, at our complex. Oustanding service from Henrie Botes, who went the extra mile with WatsApps, telephone calls and e-mails to help set this up. From the technical side, Amy Nothnagel, with her...
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    Have you ever returned something because you found it cheaper elsewhere?

    No would not do that. But, always check online for prices at various shops. In the last two years have bought TV; printer; vacuum cleaner; blender; weedeater; deep freezer, got the best price on line, take a photo on my IPad, go to Game who matches the prize plus extra 10% on difference. Have...
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    Mweb/Openserve strange policy.

    We have Openserve fibre in our complex. Box is on my wall for complex. Problem is not with Openserve but MWeb that has this strange policy to not recognize a body corporate wth managing agent as a business.
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    Openserve and Telkom Speed Upgrade... Has anyone been upgraded?

    With MWeb/Openserve 10/5 mbps - checked on Monday15 March and it was 25/25mbps. Still payed R449 this month but price going up 01April to R499 although Openserve said they are not charging more for upgrade, MWeb is.
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    Mweb/Openserve strange policy.

    We are in a comlex in Kenilworth where we have MWeb/Openserve. Had some cameras installed with a monitor to a dedicated room a couple of metres from our unit. Applied for fibre from MWeb/Openserve but were told that only a person or business can get it. Body Corporate has a healthy balance and...