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    Scam-proof EFT method

    I've sold quite a few unused things on FB Market/Gumtree, but it was always for cash (-+R1000), so pretty simple and relatively low risk. I've got some stuff that I'd like to sell that will probably go into R4k+, so cash might be an issue. What is a non-cash scam-proof way to sell for higher...
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    Selling a TV privately - TV license

    I've done some searching, but could not find an answer for this. Could not even find info on the SABC site (surprising yes). What do I need to do if I want to sell one of my TVs? Do I need to make sure the buyer has a TV license or just record their ID/license number? I just want to cover...
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    Afrihost free month offer at cancellation time

    Has anyone taken up this "free month on us" offer at fibre cancellation time? Are there any catches? I need to make up for paying for something I'm not getting and them refusing to refund me (I don't like being a guinea pig and paying to be one is even worse).
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    iTunes abnormal CPU usage during playback

    I've done some searching on this - on Google and here, maybe not well enough, but I did try :) I've just about given up on this software. The phone is great for my requirements, (4S) and its been great for almost a year now, PC iTunes playback just plain sucks. If I stream a podcast, listen to...