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    Anyone ordered a new line from Openserve recently ?

    They just upgraded my speed from 50 to 100mbps.... No charge
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    Price cuts and speed upgrades from Openserve

    This is where competition is lacking. We stuck with the provider who first installed. Complexes should have insisted that 2 provides roll out infrastructure...
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    Rain 24/7 Unlimited 4G tested - Downloads, gaming, streaming, and a VPN

    Your service was better because many left their network with all the crappy speed issues and non connectivity
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    Acquisition or merger of Cell C on the cards

    If Telkom and Cellc merge...... - it will be like a marriage, once signed up you in it for life...Telkom does not like to see you go, you cant cancel - You will have to swap your network from telkom-sa, telkom-R and Cellc based on which bundles they release - what else? - -
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    New Telkom uncapped ADSL packages - All the details

    One thing you are sure of with telkom........they will never fail to disappoint you.!:p
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    New Telkom uncapped ADSL packages - All the details

    Dont bother....if you existing customer you cannot get the lite service. If they converted you to wireless phone, and I assume they decommissioned the copper....they now say they will come install lines for adsl!!!Not sure if teh agent knew what they were talking about..... If i were...
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    Rain on 5G uptake and its peak speeds

    Heard from a few colleagues, 5g died this past week. Still nothing. Since December 4g also very poor. Very poor customer service. They reduced the 5g signal strength. Used to have great coverage and now none
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    Rain 5G users - Please do a MyBroadband speed test

    Was enjoying Rain 5G. No issues. In the past week or so, they have dropped their signal strength or something. Where I used to pickup good signal, it's now weak or non existent. The 5G continuosly connects and disconnects.
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    FlySafair sale - 50% off all flights

    I don't even bother to try.
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    This is where you can get Rain 5G

    All smoke and mirrors. Can't even get a decent 4G speed
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    The SABC wants to launch its own streaming service to take on Netflix

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    Rain and Huawei to launch new 5G products

    If rain can only get their current 4g to work before going to 5g
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    52 days to install a Telkom landline

    Trying to get me to swop the fixed line to wireless. So many people I know moved and now have endless problems with line quality....
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    FNB's "Tap & PIN" to roll out to more ATMs

    Yep. But criminals will find a way of hiding a merchant card machine so that when u tap a payment is also made
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    Discovery Bank explains “no whites” share plan

    Watch them make a u turn on this. They already indicated that they make a decision by March when they had intended to do it anyway. For money they will change
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    Samsung Pay Giveaway - Win a Samsung Connect & Control Speaker and other prizes

    I have all my loyalty cards loaded. Watch the expression at PnP on the cashier face
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    Metrofibre Down?

    Yes Midrand. Every week this happens a few times. And usually they unaware until 100 people call in
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    Down again. weekly occurrence. So unreliable