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    Price tracking website shows you if a Takealot deal is actually good

    Hope the site can last like the comments state been a few others but all shut down which is sad.
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    Free Central Controller For OpenWrt

    @dvdwalt Thanks for your reply will bring home the other router this week and create it with the first 2x 4a xiaomi I have. Right now have 2 access points with different SSID in two different parts of the house , Connected on the same lan.
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    Free Central Controller For OpenWrt

    @dvdwalt Question can I link up 2x Xiaomi Mi Router 4A Gigabit Edition and then 1 x Xiaomi Mi Wireless Router 4A
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    Open Cities Lab launches ward councillor candidate lookup tool

    Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request. Either the server is overloaded or there is an error in the application. tried 4 different address it not hard you start typing it in and select from the google maps autofill and and search
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    Facebook hit by global outage - WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook offline

    So many sites use fb auth now days just shows you how many sites one can't access with it.
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    Rain(ing) in Eastleigh

    Mom just up the road in Eastleigh as well work okay 100 down and 20 up.
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    Affordable new Rain uncapped 5G package for R499 per month

    Wish Rain would role out more towns yes the below was 600 odd speed test was nice but never used it to the max still now the 150 to 200 down 98% of the time is perfect. Ping has changed alot some times 45ms plus other days 30ms odd been stable for a while on 17 to 20 ms
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    Affordable new Rain uncapped 5G package for R499 per month

    Still no issues with Rain had the odd tower issue but support has been good.
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    Fibre price comparison on 500Mbps+ uncapped packages

    Still only for those selected areas...
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    OVHD decoder end of life (E04)

    Which one is the old one that is not supported ? I bought one of these over the weekend for the people in the back flat...
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    Openserve launches 500Mbps fibre service

    Still no fiber in my street only for the selected cherry picked places....
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    Rain routing changes to Middle East servers

    Share the address of the server
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    5G issue

    Thank you issue is sorted.
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    5G issue

    Been battling for the last 1 hour I see it just went back to 5g but still very slow. Ping 60 Down 1.2mb Up 20mb
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    5G issue

    Hi Rain The Internet has been very slow today checked the router and see that it's stuck on 4g mode even though there are two towers close by please can you check and advise. Router has been rebooted. We've received your request | 8542345 Thanks
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    NEW 2-DAY GIVEAWAY! - R2,000 up for grabs

    Evolve Zero Limited to Sole Proprietors Annual turnover: R0 to R5 million Monthly fee: R0 Tiered pricing on electronic transactions. Included at zero monthly fee: Absa Online Banking and the Banking App Visa Debit Card Liquidity Plus investment account* Cashflow Manager Unlimited Absa...