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  1. Monka

    Wifi hot-spot

    Thanks alot!
  2. Monka

    Wifi hot-spot

    Good day, I have a client with a student accommodation and he has a access points installed across the whole building and he would like to create a wifi hot-spot where by students must have login details to connect to the wifi and have FUP. He has a 20meg multimode with wirulink, Mikrotik...
  3. Monka

    1 sip for reception

    Good day, I would like to ask if it is possible for a client to use one sip on a Yealink T46G for their receptionist to direct calls to cell phone numbers instead of internal extensions.
  4. Monka

    Uncapped Cloud PBX

    Greetings, Is there any Voip provider that offers uncapped voip cloud pbx beside vox?
  5. Monka

    Monetizing Wifi access for Tenants

    Good day all, I have a client who has flats and he would like to install a fibre line in his building to offer his tenants internet at fee. He would like to issue the tenants with username and password and allocate data to their user accounts. May you kindly advise on the infrastructure...
  6. Monka

    Setting up a local network over 500M (maybe slightly more)

    Running Aerial fibre would be another option aswell as long you have poles or structures in between to support the cable from sagging. In a farm set up. Fibre would be your best n most reliable choice. Its not always the case where you have to bury the cable if you going to have one cable...
  7. Monka

    Scan to email settings

    Ok i will do
  8. Monka

    Scan to email settings

    The account name is Smtp server
  9. Monka

    Scan to email settings

    Good day all, I have a Ricoh mp c2011sp printer and i was able to scan to email while i had Telkom Fibre through Openserve now i have switched to Cybersmart through Vumatel GPON and i can no longer scan to email. Does anyone have a idea on how to get the scanner working again?
  10. Monka


    Openserve runs generators from their Exchanges and those things can run the whole day
  11. Monka

    Telkom retaliating against smaller FNO?

    Its probably poles that they are going to use to anchor fibre cable that feeds a cell tower in your areas
  12. Monka

    Outdoor Access point

    Client already has a router in the house and would like to have access in the Garden and Braai area which is at the corner of the property
  13. Monka

    Outdoor Access point

    Thank you
  14. Monka

    Outdoor Access point

    Hi guys, Can you kindly advise on a budget Outdoor Access for Home Use
  15. Monka

    Microsoft Phone System

    Care to PM me your contact details?
  16. Monka

    Looking for a Yeastar Cloud PBX reseller in ZA

    Please PM me
  17. Monka

    WiFi Extenders: spawn of satan

    If you in JHB/PTA drop me a PM. we can look at other ways we can either get a more cost effective way.
  18. Monka

    Vodacom Fibre

    You can
  19. Monka

    Microsoft Phone System

    Care to pm me your details?
  20. Monka

    Canon Lv-x320 projector

    Hi Everyone, We recently bought a new Canon Projector Lv-x320 and the main objective was to ensure that everyone can connect wireless when they want to use it without having to pull a VGA/HDMI cable from the projector as we have connected it to the network via LAN. So I wanted to find out if...