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  1. Dianysis

    Fibre Test Accounts

    So, just recently joined Fibre on Vumatel. Is there a way to test different ISPs like I could on adsl? Heard Cool Ideas is pretty good. Thanks in advance.
  2. Dianysis

    Budget TV for PS5

    Hi all. I know this has been discussed numerous times within many threads, but please can I ask for your assistance: I am looking to buy the best possible 4K TV for my PS5 that falls within my budget of around R10000. I know it isn't much, but it is something... ;) Thanks in advance.
  3. Dianysis

    Please advise

    My wife and I have time share in Bela Bela, Limpopo. We stay in Gauteng. Recently found this article: Our concerns are that should one of us (or both) test positive for...
  4. Dianysis

    Another Rain rant

    @rain_mobile @rain_networks Rain's network performance leaves much to be desired! At the beginning of lockdown, my issues were blamed on congestion due to people working from home etc. With the easing of lockdown restrictions - nothing has improved. And instead of trying to fix their network...
  5. Dianysis

    Car Service

    Hi everyone. I have a Chev Aveo 2012 model that needs to go for a service (I believe it is the cambelt service). I just cannot afford the dealership prices anymore. Can anyone recommend an excellent mechanic in the Vaal Triangle area that can do this without breaking the bank? Thanks in...
  6. Dianysis

    Any one tried purchasing from the above site? What was your experience like?
  7. Dianysis

    Being retrenched and MTN contracts

    So, I got the dreaded "you are being retrenched" letter. I have 2 MTN contracts on my name. Any relief I can seek from MTN in terms of payments, cancellations, etc? EDIT: Sorry if I posted in the wrong section.
  8. Dianysis

    Playstation Downloads

    So decided to play some PS4 during this lockdown. Trying to download a game from the PS Store, but damn the speeds are terrible. Up, down, then dead. It is not my internet connection as everything else is running smoothly. Anyone else having issue?
  9. Dianysis

    Private Pension

    Good day. Please, I need some advice. I work for a company whereby I have to take care of my own retirement savings. The company does not contribute towards it at all. Not the best situation to be in, but at this point in time, I need to suck it up. Which financial institutions are the best...
  10. Dianysis

    Wanted - Dell 5590 Battery Jack Bracket

    Hi all. I hope this is the correct place... I am looking to purchase a replacement Dell 5590 Battery Jack Bracket and Screw. If anyone even knows where I can get it or if you are willing to sell me one, please let me know. Please see the attached picture:
  11. Dianysis

    Prepping for Telkom's "Death to Copper"

    I have a suspicion that Telkom may be dropping repairs/maintenance/etc of copper lines in our area. A suburb close by has already had this happen and now needs to find an alternative. No LTE and no Fibre. So before I am left without internet, can anyone recommend any alternatives in the...
  12. Dianysis

    Best modem router for unstable line

    Hi all. Need assistance... again. My dsl line has proven to be quite iffy. 4 technicians have been out - some issues have been sorted but others still remain. Advice on the best modem router to use with a "sensitive" line? Would like it to have VDSL as I may have a chance to upgrade to 20...
  13. Dianysis

    Asus DSL-AC68U

    Hi all. I have the router above which has dual WAN capabilities. I would like to set it up in such a way that I can quickly swap between 2 different ISP data accounts without having to type in details and password etc each time. Anyone able to assist on how to do this? EDIT: If it is even...
  14. Dianysis

    Huawei HG532f - PLEASE HELP

    Hi. Does anyone have the latest firmware for the Huawei HG532f modem-router? Unless my google-fu is messed up, I can't find anything online. Thanks in advance.
  15. Dianysis

    New Router

    So my modem-router got hit by lightning. It was still the router that I got from Afrihost a couple of years ago and was a piece of cr@p - so not too upset. Have a back up, at least. Looking to buy a new one and am asking for your recommendations. I would like the following (if possible): 1...
  16. Dianysis

    For Sale - XBox One 500GB Bundle

    Item: XBox One 500GB, 2 Controllers, 2 Play & Charge Kits, 1 Stereo Headset Adaptor + 14 Games (Physical). NB: Saints Row IV Re-elected and Saints Row Gat Out of Hell on single disc. Age: 3,5 years Condition: Excellent - I look after my stuff. Well looked after. The down button on one of the...