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    Installing a Buffer Water Tank

    I wrote a quick article on installing a tank in your home to provide water during an outage to a few dedicated taps. Nothing special, but I don't see this idea talked about or implemented a lot.
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    Should the State of Disaster be extended beyond June 15? In my opinion there is no real need for the State of Disaster to be in place any longer. Any good it did is now been overshadowed by all the harm it is doing, and...
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    Did erroneus mathematical models panic us all into global lockdown?

    The first time I heard about this virus in December last year, I just shrugged, it sounded similar to the previous SARS Virus, which while being serious, was not a cause of global economic suicide, nor a sufficient reason for our government to award itself dictatorial powers and start...
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    What is the objective of government during this COVID19 crisis?

    You may share my arc of viewpoint during this whole crisis, as it unfolded. At first I was pleasantly surprised by the government's response. They acted quickly, decisively, taking on board the advice of medical experts. I was in complete support of their initial response. I realised that we...
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    Justified Series on Amazon Prime

    Must admit I'm quite liking this series - it has a solid story line which draws you in, well defined characters who all have their flaws, is not politically correct, or trying to preach to you, and seems to be very well written. Being very character driven. It's set in Alabama (I think) hill...
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    Estimating Diesel Fuel Costs when running a generator

    Based on a question I was getting frequently, I added a calculator to one of my sites which would help people estimate fuel costs when running a generator. This excludes other costs like maintenance, or the cost of the generator itself...
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    React Native Freelance Developer

    Looking for a React Native developer who will work on a freelance, per task, contract basis. You can work after-hours or when ever you want, from where ever you want. Please contact us if you are interested.
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    Extinction: Task Team (my SciFi novel) Black Friday eBook Sale

    Last year I almost made it into the top 100 in my category on Amazon (in fact I think I briefly did make it) due to Black Friday sales. So this year I'm doing it again, just for fun. 33% discount for the next few days on the eBook from Amazon ($1.99 plus Vat)...
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    FNB App (iPhone) - Lates update forces use of a weak password

    The FNB App on the iphone is normally an absolute pleasure to use. But after the latest update its become temporarily unusable for me. At this point I cannot log in. The reason being is they have disabled the ability to paste your password into the password field. After querying this with...