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  1. OkPlankton

    MTN Black Friday specials - cheap smartphones and double data deals

    annnnnnd the winner for Biggest Black Friday fraud goes to MTN.
  2. OkPlankton

    Demi Lovato releases gender-neutral sex toy

    PSA: Don't read threads when @Pineapple Smurf is not in them. They're just not as entertaining.
  3. OkPlankton


    Oak's tryna be your friend and you're just with the red card up.
  4. OkPlankton

    Win R2,000 - What is your dream job?

    Dream job: Being a youtuber
  5. OkPlankton

    Elon Musk has enough wealth to buy several of South Africa's biggest companies and get change

  6. OkPlankton

    South Africa's courts are suffering the after-effects of the DoJ ransomware attack

    Agree. It was a never a matter of "IF" it always was "WHEN" SA departments start getting hacked.
  7. OkPlankton

    What's up with Chrome Browser?

    You're the type of guy that says to the client "Why don't you just buy a new pc" when the machine needs a reload.
  8. OkPlankton

    Development Skills that are future proof

    Would you hire me? I'm on the market. #ShamelessPlug
  9. OkPlankton

    One-Day Giveaway - Win your share of R2,000 with YOCO!

    Use the free, ultra-fast 4G data to process transactions in under 3 seconds.
  10. OkPlankton

    How can I automate Copy/Paste multiple times in a web page with Python?

    You f*king legend! :cool: I see the light now. I'll just replace the service tag/s in the URL with my list. Split/merge columns in Power BI or Excel will sort me out. Thanks Everyone. Productive heritage day!
  11. OkPlankton

    How can I automate Copy/Paste multiple times in a web page with Python?

    Hey @retromodcoza it's actually the Dell support website: I don't mind giving out the Service tag, I don't think there's any security risk but it ain't my **** so I just used a rando fake number for the search, Here's the URL it returned...
  12. OkPlankton

    What game are you playing now? (Part 2)

    I'm currently playing Cities Skylines, don't think I'll ever stop. I think I could really fix this country up, infrastructure wise.
  13. OkPlankton

    How can I automate Copy/Paste multiple times in a web page with Python?

    Hey Devs! I have a large amount of PC Hardware Serial No's and would like to paste them in a specific website where I'm able to search and get specs back. I then need the URL (after the search is done) to be pasted in a txt file. So: 1. Copy Serial No from a txt/csv file 2. Paste into the...
  14. OkPlankton

    RAIN Huawei 5G CPE Pro settings

    Cool, thanks for that. Had no idea. I found this article and was able to map a few towers around my area. Update: Got the new firmware, DL's are 180ish - 220mbps. UL's around 10-20 :crying: Haven't made any changes yet, just monitoring...
  15. OkPlankton

    RAIN Huawei 5G CPE Pro settings

    Moral of the thread: RAIN isn't plug and play. :ROFL: I've had consistent speeds (250mbs +) for about a full year (after locking to 5G). I have noticed some atrocious pings in the past few days and crazy variations with the speed, 1 test = 100mb+ DL, next one = 15mb. I haven't received any...
  16. OkPlankton

    Mustek responds to CWU letter announcing strike action

    I worked for a Mustek competitor for a while. After smashing all targets and giving excellent customer service to clients they fired the Senior Hardware tech (10years service) so they could pay me half of his salary and run the scene. Not saying all these allegations are true about Mustek...
  17. OkPlankton

    RAIN 5G Premium [Don't waste your money]

    Don't waste your time responding to this guy. He has a reputation of b*tching around the forum.