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  1. marco

    One is equal to minus one.

    1 = √(1) = √[(−1).(−1)] = √[(−1)^(2)] = [(-1)^2)^0,5] 1 = -1 Where is my mistake?
  2. marco

    Heart problems.

    I have found that there is little or no support for people with heart problems in South Africa. In the UK there is a support forum with about 20 000 active members and phone support where heart nurses are available 24/7. I am particularly interested to hear from people with arrhythmias such as...
  3. marco

    Mint 19.3 not working anymore.

    My 32GB SSD laptop is no longer running smoothly with windows 10 so I downloaded Mint 19,3. I used Rufus to install it to my flashdrive and I played around with it to test it. I then clicked on "Install" to install it to my SSD and to delete windows. On completion it would not boot up so I...
  4. marco

    Heart palps, fibs and tachycardia.

    Having suffered from these for about 20 years I have come to a point where I am looking at a pacemaker fitted or my heart must just damn well stop. I have learned how to reverse the tachycardia attacks rather quickly if I am at home but it is impossible to do when out shopping or eating out...
  5. marco

    Stock picks for 2019 with reasons.

    No. 1 pick is Coronation Fund Managers (CML). This once superb stock performed on average 280% pa consistently for nearly 6 years until Zuma managed to shut down foreign investments into SA. She rose from around 5.00 post 2008/9 crash to about 110.00 when it retreated back to 47.00 odd. She has...
  6. marco

    I think I may have hypoglycemia.

    Over the past month we have been going to a supermarket just before we have lunch. On 4 occasions I have felt dizzy and the need to have sweet orange juice. I would break out in a sweat and have to go outside for fresh air. Yesterday I drank a liter of fresh orange juice in the supermarket...
  7. marco

    Some countries in Europe to allow white SA's to immigrate.

    Not sure if this is fake news but I will put it out for you to pursue if you are interested.
  8. marco

    UK to allow South Africans into military.

    It has just been announced that the UK will allow commonwealth citizens into the military without the need of a 5 year prior residency.
  9. marco

    Are investments from China bad?

    China is investing in Africa big time lately and the US is not liking it as do many SA people that still think China is a communist country. I am all for China investment into SA rather than the bleak "Trumped" up US. Dissing the US and the Orange Menace to embrace China with its exceptionally...
  10. marco

    Upgrading laptop motherboard.

    I want to replace my old laptop motherboard but am concerned about the Windows 10 that will not be on the new board. Do I have to purchase a new software OS?